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Emergence of Violence in American Cinema

e this.To understand violence in film it is first wise to understand the MPAA. Founded in 1922, The Motion Picture Association of America's home page on the World Wide Web explains it like this, "we a ... violence today. Tim Roth, an actor whose film credits include Reservoir Dogs and Bodies, Rest & Motion, states in the February 1993 issue of Premier: "I love violence in films, but you have to do ...

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Television Censorship

ced a form of self-censorship. In the 1920's, responding to public demands for strong controls, the Motion Picture Association of America imposed on its constituents a Production Act; compliance with ...

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Hollywood's Attack on Religion, from the book Hollywood vs. America by Michael Medved

ts surrounding the protest which took place on August 11, 1988, in opposition to the release of the motion picture The Last Temptation of Christ. MCA/Universal, which funded the Martin Scorsese film, ... r, as Medved points out, the protest was "the largest protest ever mounted against the release of a motion picture" (37) and included such groups as the National Council of Catholic Bishops, the South ...

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A Premonition of things to come What will be the next anti-piracy move by the RIAA/MPAA?

mportant to note that 80% of all media(including; radio, television, internet news and other media, motion pictures, and music) is owned by only 10 large corporations, down from 20 in the early 1980's ... called "Downloadable Media" and it reads:"Downloadable Media refers to digital files that allow for motion pictures to be compressed and uploaded for direct download onto a computer. Pirates use Downl ...

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Is Activist Hacking Illegal?

How lame is this?The most negligent act on the part of RIAA to regulate it's industry is to sue consumers fromdownloading their copyrighted material onl ... rs fromdownloading their copyrighted material online. RIAA is an unbrella organization that consistsof leading music industry distributors that doesn't have any real say about litigationconcerning a s ... u by blocking their suspected IP ranges from connecting to your computer. If youthink I'm just full of hot air, try it for yourself. Go search google for this program and you'llsee that the music indu ...

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It's All Their Fault

heir children twenty-four-seven, special agencies such as the video game rating system ESRB and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) are created specifically to prevent exposure of violenc ...

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E-Business Ethics

whom and virtually impossible to hold a single entity responsible for these activities.The RIAA and Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) have attempted several tactics to stop this piracy. The ...

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What is to Blame for Youth Violence?: The Media, Guns, Parenting, Poverty, Bad Programs, Orâ ¦

nathan Freedman, a psychology professorat Toronto University who happens to receive fundingfrom the Motion Picture Association of America,claimed that research does not support the notion thatmedia vi ...

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Movie Piracy

do is protect our investment in the digital landscape,' said Jack Valenti, president and CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). 'This is the first time we've faced this landscape, wh ...

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Digital Music and File Sharing: An Ethical Decision

religion, or ethnicity. It has always reflected changes in culture and politics. It has expressed emotion through rhythm and sound inspiring art throughout history. Without music the world would undo ... s across the United States. "Just last month, the Recording Industry Association of America and the Motion Picture Association of America called on college presidents to more aggressively police their ...

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ms have been a big hit since the early 1900's. The censorship of films is moslty contributed by the Motion Picture Association of America and international The Motion Picture Association. The MPAA was ... ilent, while sometimes rambunctious and rowdy, and to restore a more favorable public image for the motion picture business. They established a rating system for theatres which are playing films. It i ...

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Marketing Current Events Issues

n this article the prime issue was the marketing of R rated film to teenagers. In America the MPAA, Motion Picture Association of America, is the governing body of the marketing of movie trailers. The ... the nudity is being used as opposed to nudity itself being used. In the case of the MPAA and motion picture companies the issue is clear. The MPAA merely wants to be sure that nudity, profanity ...

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Internet File Sharing Programs

against them. Organizations including the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) have sued the creators of these programs for millions o ...

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THE HAYS CODE In 1966 the current MPAA film code replaced the discredited Motion Picture Production Code, also known as the Hays' Code, after its first director, Will Hays, a ...

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The Digital millennium Copyright Act

ate the same quality of audio/video that they could replace analog standards that the recording and motion picture industries felt the sting of digital piracy.Unlike analog copies, digital copies do n ... ing music.Though through a technicality were able to shut down Napster. At around the same time the Motion Picture Association of America start its own battle as people started to break the encryption ...

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Media Effects: Profanity In the Media

y the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB), the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), and others. Among words deemed vulgar, there are varyi ...

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The Affect of Television on American Filmmaking

ers were filled with over half the United States population during the Post-World War II era. These motion pictures were family-friendly shows that attracted large audiences on a weekly basis. With th ... squé or violent films. Davis (2008) states that "in a move towards creating a higher form of motion pictures, Hollywood began utilizing new technologies in order to differentiate its product fr ...

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why do people migrate

t's why obviously they call them "movie theaters". Because of the wide screen you can have a bigger picture, so you can gain a better perspective of the surroundings. In conclusion, both theaters and ...

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