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The Physics of Pool.

f momentum. So if the cue ball is moving quickly, there is a good chance the ball it hits will also move quickly; and just the opposite if the cue ball has a small velocity, or speed. Since momentum i ...

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Descriptive Essay.

nd fragile. A leatherywrinkled old man has now taken Kevin's place. Like a piece of glass, unable tomove quickly or handle carelessly. Kevin's broad floppy ears have lost theirhearing. The lovely refr ...

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Clipper Ships.

a ship to indicate that it is a very fast sailer. The term, probably derived from the verb clip (to move quickly), was first used in the United States soon after the War of 1812 and was applied to the ...

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Van Da Graph

DA GRAPH When the Van DA graph machine was started, we observed that the India rubber belt began to move quickly and it created friction, which created a charge. The charges became separated; the posi ... very strongly to the sphere. Yet we the surrounded the pith ball by a metal cage. The ball did not move, and there was no reaction.

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an enzymatic reaction. This is partly because substrates collide more frequently when the molecules move quickly. Once the optimal temperature for an enzyme is reached the speed of the enzyme activity ...

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Antarctic Fur Seal

ll external ear-flaps. Some people also call them 'walking seals' because they can walk and run and move quickly, even over steep rocky surfaces. These seals came close to extinction in the 19t ...

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