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Introduction to my company.

Company?The Company I have chosen to do a spreadsheet for is a hire company were people could hire MP3's and MD's. This company requires a very simple spreadsheet that the staff can use. This organiz ... now is steadily growing. It is an organization that allows people that cannot afford to buy MDs or MP3 players or that are interested in music to hire portable devices rather than spending £100 ...

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How to Copy an Audio CD.

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rategy of hiding a file in some form of multimedia, such as an image, an audio file (like a .wav or mp3) or even a video file.Steganography is really nothing new as it has been around since the times ... resulting in almost the same image. Data hiding is also possible in various audio formats such as .mp3, .wav, .avi, .au, and .mpeg formats.Steganography in text:-* Line-Shifting Coding* Word-Shift Co ...

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Downloading Free Music from the Internet

requent use format real audio, online music has not cost any problem until the the introduce of the mp3 format. Mp3 stands for MPEG 1 audio layer 3, and is a technique designed to compress bulky files ... The fact is that millions of people are listening to a more diverse collection of music because of MP3 downloads, many listening to bands they would have never purchased otherwise. But because of thi ...

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Editorial discussing the controversy of downloading music. Gives a quick overview of the history of music downloads and goes into opinions from teens and adults.

arly significant when dealing with large audio and video files. Downloading them took forever until MP3 and other compression-technologies were developed. When the music was put into these compressed ... transferring music files became much faster and therefore more practical. Broadband connections and MP3 format make viewing video and listening to music 100 times easier. What was an hour download onl ...

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Individual Project -

ses, from consumer-based retail sites like, through auction and music sites like eBay or, to business exchanges trading goods or services between corporations. Electronic Commerce h ...

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CD's for stereo and Walkman are bought through stores and websites, but music is also bought as an MP3-file through the Internet for use on the computer, MP3 recorders and also in cell phones.The ten ... rn of what types of forms music is bought in, is that more are starting to buy "digital" music like MP3-files over the Internet, that has created the standard form of "digital" music.New technology ha ...

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Case Study on

ses, from consumer-based retail sites like, through auction and music sites like eBay or, to business exchanges trading goods or services between corporations. Electronic Commerce h ...

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What does Copyright mean to You?

dent? Whatabout music? I know that copying CDs is wrong, but what if I want to put thosesongs on my mp3? I already paid for them. If I can put songs from my CDs on mymp3 player why can?t I borrow a CD ... gs from my CDs on mymp3 player why can?t I borrow a CD from a friend and put songs from his Cd onmy mp3. If he had a cookout and had music playing I would hear that song. Whywouldn?t that be illegal? ...

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The MP3

"MPEG Audio Layer 3, more commonly referred to as MP3, is a popular digital audio encoding and lossy compression format invented and standardized in 1 ... ike a faithful reproduction of the original uncompressed audio to most listeners. In popular usage, MP3 also refers to files of sound or music recordings stored in the MP3 format on computers."From Wi ... the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany began researching audio technology, which later became known as MP3 Files. After five years of research and the Fraunhofer Institute made a huge progression, and cr ...

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Mp3s and the file sharing programs need to be kept free because of its availability, ease to get, us ... t unlike Henry Ford, they didn't profit. Although they didn't even profit, big companies accuse the mp3 sharing programs of stealing money and breaking down musical artists careers in just a couple mo ... . Companies believe that the sales of cds and other forms of music will decrease rapidly and mp3s will destroy the record industry with free music. Instead the opposite happened, and in most pl ...

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mitted to continue its' service? This is the question that is hot in debate right now. Napster, an Mp3 swatting program, should be allowed to continue for now but some adjustments should be made. S ... eople are already making is a huge number. However even if Napster is shut down this will not stop Mp3 swapping over the net. You cannot stop the wave of technology only slow it down but not prevent ...

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The Online Music Debate

THE ONLINE MUSIC DEBATE This paper will explain what an MP3 is, a brief history of online music, and laws regarding the sharing of files over the Internet. ... ared as well as my own personal opinion. Lastly, it will give an idea of the future of online music.MP3 stands for MPEG Layer 3 Audio. It produces near-CD quality sound. An MP3 is basically a compress ... ound. An MP3 is basically a compressed (shrunk down) WAV sound file. The difference between WAV and MP3 is the file size. For example, a song two and a half minutes long is 30 megabytes in WAV format ...

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How To Write A Cd

CD-R. you must also check how many regular songs the CD-R contain. Next, you should down load some mp3 from the music web site, such as, then you should put them in your computer&iex ... s you want to listen. After collecting songs, you begin to write the CD. You should try to copy the mp3 in that file to the CD-R. If there is a problem, you will copy them formally. Finally, you must ...

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are also new types of entertainment emerging. There are now new ways to listen to music, via MP3s. MP3 is "Shorthand for Moving Picture Experts Group-1, Audio Layer-3"(Isenberg). MP3s are files ... ceiving these files and putting them onto your computer. If you can find an easy way of downloading MP3s it is very possible that you may never want to buy another album again. MP3 is only one ...

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Copyright Infrindgement

network. Information and entertainment unfold just a click away. Some forms of this are e-books and MP3's, both of which have authors similar to the New York Times case. E-books are a book that can be ... n the copyright to the media e-books. I believe that this was a fair decision by the courts. MP3's are another form of digital information. Music is in this form of MP3. Napster a very successf ...

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On Line Educations

rades they were given. Now it is apparent that an education can come just as easy as downloading an MP3. With the future decision of where Blinn College stands on the matter of an online education is ...

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Next Big Thing

rent site help spread out the name and music of that band. Also, with a demo they can post songs on and get listens all across the world. Finally, they need to take there demo and send ...

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Online Music Trading

d users to connect to a large network of other users, and share all types of files, including, the .mp3 extention (music file). Kazaa was then found to be the most popular way to get music. And with n ...

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