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Crisis Area: Zimbabwe.

ed out between Smith, Muzorewa, and other high-ranking nationalists such as Joshua Nkomo and Robert Mugabe. In carefully monitored election of March 1980, Mugabe prevailed by a wide margin and Zimbabw ... prevailed by a wide margin and Zimbabwe joined the ranks of Africa's independent nations.Since then Mugabe, a committed Marxist, has hung on to power through thick and thin ever since.Impatience have ...

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A term paper outlining how Robert Mugabe has changed Zimbabwe from a prosperous nation to one in ruins. 2500 words+. Entitled "Zimbabwe: From Colonialism to Mugabe"

ated against under British colonial rule, which necessitated a regime change. Following this Robert Mugabe was a central and necessary figure in the reconstruction of Zimbabwe, then called Rhodesia. H ... lp establish order in this nation, hampered by bad leadership. Since his inception to power, Robert Mugabe is hampering the once prosperous nation of Zimbabwe, and only when he is removed from power w ...

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Robert Mugabe

r, which Zimbabwe fought against, is still alive in the country. It is ironical that Robert Gabriel Mugabe, the man who led Zimbabwe in their freedom struggle against the British rule, demanding a fre ... ee and democratic Zimbabwe, assumes absolute power and has the whole of Zimbabwe at his helm.Robert Mugabe was elected as the first prime minister of independent Zimbabwe, but, since then, his rule ha ...

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Robert Mugabe

Robert Mugabe the leaderWhen we consider the authoritarian leadership style we unconditionally connect the ... them too. One African leader branded by many as a dictator is the Zimbabwean president, Mr. Robert Mugabe.He has been called: "President, Robert, Mugabe, Uncle Bob, Bob, that lunatic, crazy dictator, ... gabe, Uncle Bob, Bob, that lunatic, crazy dictator, the Hitler of Africa." You could call President Mugabe whatever you wanted but in the end no student of Contemporary African Politics, History, or S ...

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