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Differences between Spearman and Gardner

certain cognitive functioning, then that cognitive functioning can be isolated as one candidate of multiple intelligences. Premise 2: Now it has been found that certain brain parts do distinctively m ... eading to loss of certain cognitive function" (Washington U, 2002). These theories give a basis for multiple intelligences. Biologically, Gardner determines that the brain is the major player in the e ...

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Spearman VS. Gardner

among varying subjects like math, earth sciences and vocabulary. Gardner (1983) proposed there were multiple intelligences (MI), or seven areas of intelligence, linguistic, musical, logical-mathematic ... minate the individual from the education and professional arena altogether. We are all endowed with multiple, genetically determined forms of intelligence that can be enhanced through practice and lea ...

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Spearman versus Gardner: A Comparison of the Two Basic Theories of Intelligence

. The two major theories of intelligence are the one general intelligence theory, and the theory of multiple intelligences. The general intelligence theory implies that there is only one general facto ... ence theory implies that there is only one general factor which governs all intelligence, while the multiple intelligence theory holds that there are several diverse forms of intelligence. In addition ...

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Controversy Analysis

ewis 1Katie LewisProfessor LeeEnglish 102March 30, 2014How are you Smart?Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences identifies the unique aptitude sets that make up each person, their capabilit ... d art. To combat the conflicting viewpoints I will answer the question: How can Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligence to inform what we know about the effectiveness of arts education in our school ...

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