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"My summer at camp" My camp in Cape Cod about how I didn't want to go home.

and a skit with my friend Zack,the panic we felt when we realized we had four nights to paint 75 murals,the overwhelming sadness when Banquet-and our lives as campers-ended.As I lay in bed b ...

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Guernica by Pablo Picasso

"Cubist" period and a "Neoclassical" period. Picasso produced work in painting, sculpture, prints, murals, and ceramics; regardless of the medium, he was always in demand. During the year 1937, Picas ...

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Southeast Community Church (this essay is about my church)

ht- hand side of the building where the younger children attend classes, the walls are painted with murals of farm animals and farmers. In front of the nursery is an indoor playground for the children ...

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Eugene Delacroix

Guerin and began a career that would produce more than 850 paintings and great numbers of drawings, murals, and other works. In 1822 Delacroix submitted his first picture to the important Paris Salon ... oved him to write "I am quite overwhelmed by what I have seen."In 1833 Delacroix painted a group of murals for the king's chamber at the Palais Bourbon. He continued doing this type of painting, inclu ...

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"Newspaper- Janice Sauco"- art criticism in newspaper format.

medium. The majority of paintings are made from watercolor. She has house portraits, pets, animals, murals, and ocean landscape. There are fantasy illustrations with mermaids and fairies and abstract ...

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Speech on Minoan Religion During the Bronze Age

their shrines, places of worship, ranging statues and art; more specifically their pottery, seals, murals and frescoes.This state resigns almost all conclusions to educated guesses, and on occasion r ...

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Is violence in the entertainment media bad to society?

ety has relied on various constructions for the sake of its entertainment. From primitive pictorial murals to a modern day action movie, these constructs have allowed people to construct simulated rea ...

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A Slave In Roman Times (First Person Account).

clean the house and to help educate my masters children. My masters house is decorated by mosaics, murals and frescos. In every roman house we have a small shrine to our gods. My master is very wealt ...

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r paintings are imperious and colorful. Frida's painting is on a smaller scale than Rivera's famous murals, and her art is overshadowed by his. His leads to an infamous incident, when he is hired by R ... e "Art in Public Places" in America is totally different with Diego Rivera's "Art in Public Places" murals. Because In America, our government is not Communist, most paintings don't paint to relate to ...

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Jose Diego Rivera Barrientos: My Art, My Life

ism and had his first exhibitions. He returned to Mexico were he expressed his government sponsored murals that reflected his ideas of Communist politics in history. Soon after that he met Frida Kahlo ... ble to paint Mexican history. These paintings were to be able to express his thoughts through large murals and his accessibility even included elite walls of galleries and museums.In the year of 1930, ...

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Art and Architecture of the Mayan Civilization in Mexico. It's a basic run-through of a typical Mayan city (different buildings you would find in it)

s funerary pottery, ceramics, a building in Bonampak (which is around Chiapas, Mexico), has several murals.What is interesting is that Mayan art gave almost free reign to the artist. The artist was no ...

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is team of artists to the basilica of St. Francis in Assisi.In 1290 he began painting his series of murals in the Upper Church of Assisi. These murals illustrated the lives of Jesus and Mary. He finis ...

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Egyptian Look At Death

ian people left long after the demise of their last pharaoh. It is evident in their pyramids, their murals, and the artifacts left as evidence of their culture and their beliefs."Life is the childhood ... s the childhood of our immortality." The ancient Egyptians loved life. This is evident in the murals they left on pyramid walls and in shrines throughout their land. Everyday, mundane tasks are ...

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Should They Stay Or Should They Go...NOW

"They [the murals] should be left there. And God bless Gordon Campbell and the Liberals for wanting to have a r ... bove statement is clearly definitive in their opinion on what should be done with the controversial murals in the B.C. Parliament Buildings. Not only should the murals NOT be removed but that First Na ... te and represents an important theme; one of colonial superiority. Given the controversy around the murals in the B.C. Parliament Buildings, from a First Nations' perspective, what should be done with ...

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