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" has become such an important concept in mediastudies, one must look first at how influential MTV (musictelevision) has become in the last decade. MTV addresses the"desires, fantasies, and anxieties" ... olizingthe figures shown on the network. MTV is a culture initself. With it's own news, fashion and music programs itcan easily be the considered the basis for the formation ofthought of an entire gen ...

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The Cultural Construction of Gender and Representation of Identity in Soaps and Music Videos

Soaps but more importantly music videos can be said to interrogate the cultural construction of gender and representations of i ... deo suggests a set of images to the viewer and usually these are a blurring of gender and identity. Music videos predicate on the representation of female gender experience. The two interrelated sign ... experience. The two interrelated sign systems- access signs and discovery signs- will be discussed. Music clips that will be focused on are Madonna's 'Burning Up', 'Express Yourself', and 'Justify My ...

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A Price to be Paid. This essay is about the prices we pay for everyday things. The price of love and the need for possesions

omething for what they want. Jennifer Lopez sang a song titled "My Love Don't Cost a Thing". In her music video, she portrays a woman who receives many expensive gifts from her lover because he is too ...

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Your successful life at age 35!

n I was a young teen but didn't pursue it till I was 29. For several years I have making movies and music video's but by the time I got through with paying the bills and expenses I would have very lit ... to win so many Oscar's, Academy, MTV, and Bet awards. Every since then my clothing line, movies and music videos have been successful.

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50 Cent & and how he is shown in the music industry

gster style of violence.50 cent is popular in many ways, he adds a hook and an original beat to his music to make them sound more like songs. This has separated him from the average rapper. 50 also ta ... se he doesn't talk about girls and if he does its about how he plays them. People who listen to 50s music are normally gangster type, people who like to party and hang around in big groups50 cent trie ...

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This is an essay about Music.

The Significance of MusicThink about a world without entertainment, a world without music. Not only would it be a very b ... ht. An example of this is every song in the "School House of Rock." What I am trying to say is that music is important because it teaches you a lesson and it can set you in a totally different mood th ... on, going into adult clubs underage, and about people being raped or killed. Not only that, in his music video Nas and the kids say, "I know I can (I know I can) Be what I want to be (Be what I want ...

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An analysis of music videos

IntroductionMusic videos are a phenomenon in visual and music culture that have become somewhat forgotten. Since ... that have become somewhat forgotten. Since the 1990s, MTV has moved away from their primary use of music video delivery, in favor of a more generalized youth programming. They have grown to favor rea ... f the Real World, Road Rules and network television shows like Survivor. However, unable to abandon music videos completely, MTV was forced to create a new channel on the dial, now currently available ...

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Concerns about the impacts that a free-flow of US-sourced media products would have on Australian local culture.To what extend are these concerns justified

rtainment Media Violence on Children and Families), but those that have been conducted suggest that music and music videos with violent themes increase aggression." Dr. Brad Bushman, October 8, 2001, ... olence on Children and Families', Iowa State University, last viewed on the 5th of April, 2004.. If music and music videos with violent themes can increase aggression on a person, it can also do the s ...

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Analytical Essay: Korn - Falling Away From Me

s physically and emotionally abused by his father. Through the duration of the song, as seen in the music video of it, all this boy's sister can hear is her father's abuse of her brother as she tries ... ries to go to sleep. The father seems to get increasingly mad every time this brother turned on his music. The boy seemed to simply want to drown out his miserable existence by listening to Korn's arr ...

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Culture and Music Paper

or work. The material traits within a culture would include clothing, food, and art to name a few. Music is a distinct, diverse culture in itself, a subculture. Each musical era had its own code of v ... ervices, as the church was the strongest institution of that time. For this reason, the majority of music in the Middle Ages was of a religious origin. Much of the art and architecture coincided with ...

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The Media and Children

es in your head has to eventually come out, so shouldn't you put in only good stuff? I believe that music, is an example of media, that negatively affects teenagers by repeatedly exposing them to them ... children watch television, that make violence their main theme. Also during those hours, there are music video countdowns playing on just about every channel to which you flip. The only things kids l ...

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Bjork: Impact on Popular Culture

Icelandic singer Bjork has had a significant impact on popular culture. It is not only Bjork's music that has had this impact, but her entire being as well. Her solo musical career was launched i ... sland, 2005) and since then she has shown her versatility through her exploration of many different musical styles. The song Pagan Poetry is one of her many songs that have impacted society.Pagan Poet ...

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Review Of Sublime Video

The music video that I chose to write my paper on, is called "Date Rape" and it is performed by Sublime. ... n will almost definitely hate getting butt slammed in jail by a large inmate. This is truly a great music video that not only gives a meaningful message to the audience, but accompanies the song very ...

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r than some of the other shows out there. Instead of watching violence on television they can watch music videos on it and see competitions on it. MTV, I think shows a positive attitude on it. You nev ... se you will see something wherever you go. I really think it's unfair how parents put down MTV. The music shown on there can be ways to express oneself and also some of those songs can even be prayer ...

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Has Television Gone Too Far?

ing" but, is this what should be shown during a family hour on TV? Children and teens love to watch Music Videos, but does this have any impact on their behavior? As a parent are you comfortable watch ...

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as easier because you spent more time paying attention and getting your work done.Sexually Explicit Music Videos and Lyrics Music videos are made to get you interested into a song. Some are very expli ... os get your attention and makes you want to watch the video and hear the song. Some people say that music videos should be edited. Why I ask? If you are a person who doesn't like it, I say then don't ...

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Gender And The Media

equals and it reinforces stereotypes such as male dominant female submissive.The television, radio, music, and magazines persuade society on how to function, through these four types of media we are i ... s of media we are influenced to conform to their standards, and believe what the media tells us too.Music videos contain frequent references to woman portrayed as sexual objects. This portrayal of wom ...

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Kurt Cobain

and in 1987. They then found David Grohl who would drum Nirvana to their success. Nirvana is making music for about 2 years and then cut a deal with Sub-Pop Records. They released their first album "B ... he band won several awards. "Nevermind" ended up certifying platinum. They also won awards for best music video. Cobain put a lot of meaning into his songs. He wanted the meanings of his songs ...

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The Dark Side of Media is about how media portrays men and women in today's society.

ny women and men continuously change not only their looks, but who they really are as an individual.Music videos today have changed a great deal over time. In today’s society, most commonly in th ... eat deal over time. In today’s society, most commonly in the rap, r & b and hip-hop genre, music videos degrade women, and make them look more like sexual objects rather than women. In 2000 t ...

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Popular American Culture

roduced from childhood these were food I had grown to love from experimental and sample dining. The music I listen to on the radio and the music video I watched on television were favorites I personal ... b sandwich. All provides easy access of the drive through windows. The shopping, football game, and music video provides a host of pleasure for personal enjoyment. The food eaten is not all healthy, b ...

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