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The music of native america

"The Music of the Native American,"Charles Hamm in Music in the WorldN.Y. w.w. Norton & Co. 1983 pp ...N.Y. w.w. Norton & Co. 1983 pps. 3-23It is very hard to collect an overall idea of what the music of the Native American is due to such a large time span and the vast number of small tribes sp ... different and had its own language and ways. Another problem was that no tribe ever recorded their music on paper, which adds to the mystery of their music. The only sources documented are from the ...

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Discuss the contribution of symbolic effects in stage setting, in music, in lighting and in properties to your understanding of Williams' 'The Glass Menagerie'.

ery that is either viable or audible to the audience. He achieves this through his use of lighting, music and stage setting. Williams' calls this a 'memory play', both in the production notes and in t ... y from the naturalistic movement of his time and The Glass Menagerie is a prime example of this.The music used in the play is incredibly significant. Williams' communicates this, again, through Tom,"I ...

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di Mr. Richard Urias American Literature December 15, 2000 Rhythm and Blues There are many types of music in the world but the one that stands out in everyone's mind is the sound of Rhythm and Blues. ... ed people's interest around the world. Rhythm and Blues(R&B), or as it was called before "black music", started in the early 1940's by slaves in the south. This phenomenon brought about new music, ...

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