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Inner Journey's - using "My Place" by Sally Morgan, Margaret Atwood's "Journey to the Interior" and others.

Advanced English: Area of StudyInner JourneysTexts Used: "My Place" by Sally Morgan"Journeys", Board of Studies Stimulus Booklet* Inner Journeys. Eye contact. ... I am here this morning to take you deeper into the possible meaning behind those two simple words.* My texts that I will be using today all have many links to the concept of the inner journey, and int ... ay all have many links to the concept of the inner journey, and intertextual links with each other. My main prescribed texts are Sally Morgan's "My Place" published in 1987, and the "Journeys" Stimulu ...

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Consider the power of the Inner Journey to challenge your thinking in Morgans 'My Place', Conrad's 'Heart of Darkness' and Attwood's poem 'Journey to the interior.'

ives, discovering truths and realities they never thought possible. Morgan's autobiographical novel My Place focuses on the journey of Sally Morgan, the author, and the ultimate influence of her perso ... ity, in terms of self-awareness and in relation to the surrounding environment.When Sally Morgan's "My Place" was first published in 1987 it was described as "the sort of Australian history which hasn ...

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Inner Journeys -Referring to Sally Morgan's "My place", Kenneth Graham's "Wind in the Willows" and SKP's "Journey to the Self"

ee texts explore different journeys, some involving a physical journey as well as an inner journey. My Place, by Sally Morgan is a quest Narrative, which follows the journey of discovery taken by Sall ... ghlight the strong connections in the writings of Aboriginal literature to history, Sally Morgan's "My Place" can be read as a counter-memory of colonialism. In "My Place", Sally Morgan undertakes a j ...

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Define aboriginals and what was the stolen generation?

l fight back. The white men are no longer their superiors.3. Outline what a Kathryn Tree says about my place in her article.Australian history is dominated by the White man. In history textbooks it ta ... in history is when they are being mistreated by the white men.Kathryn Tree believes that the book "My Place" is a counter-measure to all that. This means that she believes My Place represents the his ...

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