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The aetiology, current and potential treatments of multiple sclerosis

IntroductionMultiple sclerosis is the most common human demyelinating disease of the central nervous system, and the most frequent cause of chronic neurologic ... tem. This inflammation occurs in random patches called ?laques? Subsequent to the plaque formation, myelin (a fatty covering which surrounds and insulates nerve cell fibres in the brain and spinal cor ... ring which surrounds and insulates nerve cell fibres in the brain and spinal cord) is destroyed. As myelin is responsible for facilitating the smooth and high-speed transmission of the impulse along t ...

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Multiple sclerosis. the challenges that those who have it have when exercising and what symptoms they have that may make it harder to exercise at all. In APA form with references.

ndale Community College AbstractThe disease Multiple Sclerosis is caused by the destruction of Myelin. The destruction of Myelin interferes with the normal transmissions of nerve impulses along ... or attack. Challenges, Multiple Sclerosis and ExerciseMultiple Sclerosis is the destruction of Myelin which results in interference in nerve impulses. MS is characterized by periods of exacerbat ...

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rophy. It is a rare X chromosome sex linked metabolic disorder that is characterized by the loss of myelin on nerve fibers within the brain. Myelin is the fatty covering on the nerve fibers. The disea ... dose of the oil and are restricted in their diet appropriately can live otherwise normal lives.The Myelin Project is the research project dedicated to the cure of this disease and others related to i ...

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dy sends these long chains of fats else were in the body. This cause the person to suffer by losing myelin over time, myelin works the same way rubber on electric wires works, the rubber is myelin a c ... s myelin a coating on nerve cells which allows the electricity in the body to pass around. . If the myelin erodes the electricity wont be able to reach other parts of the body, which cause Lorenzo to ...

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Alcohol Abuse Among Teens

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