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The essay discusses Nano technology and questions if AI will be able to express true emotions.

small period of time, Scientists have to find a better way to help defend the effects of radiation. Nanoparticles is one way of solving this predicament. "The purpose of these nanoparticles is to intr ... s the size of dust particles can be injected into the blood stream by the millions. From there, the nanoparticles will go to work on radioactively damaged blood cells and help restore them to their na ...

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Alzheimer's Disease

rent ways to lower risk. One being folate intake, another is anti-hypertensive medication, and last nanoparticle radiation is used to slow down the progression of Alzheimer's. There are many more stud ... f Alzheimer's, which include the folate intake and the anti-hypertensive medication, as well as the nanoparticle radiation that is said to slow down the progression.Alzheimer's disease is a progressiv ...

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The Impact of Nanotechnology in Our Lives

cally, and more.Nanotechnology is used broadly in many ones' daily life. Many sunscreens containing nanoparticles of titanium oxide or zinc oxide can absorb and reflect UV light, while being transpare ... which can manipulate the atoms in an oil spill to render it nontoxic. Because of their small size, nanoparticles have more surface available for chemical interactions. Nanoparticles are being studied ...

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What is a nanoparticle?- According to IUPAC it is a Particle of any shape with dimensions in the 1 × 10& ... nition. s /particle-characterization/applications/what-is-a-nanoparticle/That's about an 8,000th of a human hair in width. They occur naturally in our environme ... ray and even milk. They can also be manufactured for use in a range of everyday commercial products.Nanoparticles are intriguing to scientists because the properties of a chemical, such as silver or z ...

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