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Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert:An Analysis of The Characters

th adultery and contains situations and allusions that shocked the prudish philistine government of Napoleon III. It was cited for "offenses against morality and religion."( Censorship) Fortunately, F ...

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Italy's debt to France: The meeting at Plombieres.

way for unification. This meeting at the French spa of Plombieres between Camillo Cavour and Louis Napoleon III was most definitely the catalyst that sprung the Italian unification. In this paper I p ... ar on the side of the Allies in order to get a seat at the treaty talks and in turn meet with Louis Napoleon of France and Lord Clarendon of England. After meeting with both men at the Congress of Par ...

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Outline for what happened after Napoleon got defeated and exiled.

e unemployed, but Lamartine's group shut them down. This led to bloody street battles in ParisA new Napoleon came to power- violence of the two groups made France turn toward a more moderate, liberal ... te, liberal government.- France held a presidential election in December 1848; the winner was Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, nephew of Napoleon.- Louis Napoleon won support from peasants who resented the d ...

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Review of Theodore Zeldin's The Political System of Napoleon III. Theodore Zeldin. New York: St. Martin's Press. 1958.

The Political System of Napoleon III. Theodore Zeldin. New York: St. Martin's Press. 1958.In Theodore Zeldin's The Political ... l System of Napoleon III, the author asks two questions crucial in the search for an explanation of Napoleon III's perplexing Second Empire. The first question asks what was the real basis of Louis Na ... official candidates" and on the political actions of the prefects offer quite a bit of insight into Napoleon's system. Zeldin explains Napoleon's need to build a new ruling class for his own support a ...

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This is a complex essay written about Karl Marx's 18th Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte. It describes why the revolution was doomed to failure from the outset and the travesty of Bonaparte's failure.

e revolution with differing goals and aspirations. To end the instability, the masses elected Louis Napoleon, mostly on account of his name, to bring stability to France. Louis Napoleon, however, fail ... onservative forces would regain control.The first error of the revolution was the election of Louis Napoleon as President of France. Louis Napoleon had been an unsuccessful politician, but he realized ...

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Compare and contrast the two main figures of the European history of the 19th century: Napoleon III and Bismarck

"Napoleon's tragedy was that his ambitions surpassed his capacities; Bismarck's tragedy was that his ... ismarck's tragedy was that his capacities exceeded his society's ability to absorb them. The legacy Napoleon left for France was strategic paralysis; the legacy the Bismarck left for Germany was unass ... nto two parts. The first parts relates with the capacities, ambitions and successes of Bismarck and Napoleon. The second part is about the final result of their reign and how their reigns could be tak ...

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To What Extent Was Socialism the Inspiration for the Paris Commune?

an war and effectively witnessed the capitulation of France to Germany. The resulting abdication of Napoleon III and end of the second empire resulted in a power vacuum. IN response to this a general ...

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Unification of Italy

eaty after the war. This also made Sardinia to the other nations in the war.In 1858 Cavour met with Napoleon III in France and Napoleon III told Cavour that he would aid him if he found his country in ... him if he found his country in war with Austria. Austria declared war with Sardinia in April 1859. Napoleon III withdrew his troops after the defeat of the Austrians because of fear of loss of suppor ...

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To what extent was the Liberal Empire an original aim of Louis Napoleon Bonaparte (Napoleon III) rather than an expedient?

In order to assess how far Napoleon III's liberalising of the Second Empire was an original aim or expedient, one has to establ ... r expedient, one has to establish a number of things, first an 'expedient' in this sense means that Napoleon III was pushed into liberalising the Empire by his circumstances rather than planning to li ... beralise the Empire from the beginning i.e. an 'original aim'. Secondly, there is much debate about Napoleon III and how his actions should be interpreted as the title of Samuel M Osgood's attempt to ...

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ion as weapons of war continues forward well into the 1800s when it is recorded that French Emperor Napoleon III ordered the construction of a lightweight version. This history of trebuchets continues ... ounds an estimated 300 yards.Within the history of trebuchets it is found that the model ordered by Napoleon III, who was emperor of France well after the Middle Ages came to a close, boasted an arm 3 ...

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Italian And German Unification

obstacle.He would need help from another power to get rid Austria out of Italy. Cavour allied with Napoleon III of France, who wished to make France Europe's greatest power. He gave France Nice and S ...

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The History Of Cinco De Mayo

he French Troops, however, stayed behind with different ideas.The French, under the guardianship of Napoleon III, had the greatest weaponry of all those that it went to battle with or against. The Arm ...

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Georges Clemenceau and World War I.

tically active, publishing a paper with a group of other students called 'Le travail' (work), which Napoleon III saw as radical. He was seized by police during a demonstration and imprisoned. Upon rel ... impressed by the freedom of speech and of the press, something he had not observed in France under Napoleon III. A few years later he returned to Paris and established himself as a doctor. After the ...

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Gauguin's life

was born on 7 June 1848 in Paris.During the political unrest in France, after the country stroke of Napoleon III., the family Gauguin Paris left and traveled to Peru. On the trip were Gauguins father ...

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Paris street, Rainy day - Gustave Caillebotte This essay is basically taking a detailed look about the work of an artist named Caillebotte.

ex intersection in Paris near Saint Lazare train station. This painting was painted during the time Napoleon III government was transforming old streets into new system. It was first exhibited in 1887 ... o lived near this neighborhood was wealthy. This painting is generally interpreted as a reaction to Napoleon III government changes. This painting reflects the change from old age to modern age. The b ...

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about italian unification :)

er Cavour was not the only reason for the development of united Italy as there was also the help of Napoleon III who after being attacked by Felice Orsini felt that he should help Italy become unified ...

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