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The law of Japan

today's Japan, for example, the law of the Edo period, the Kamakura period, or a legal codes of the Nara and Heian eras time, is not used today. There is nothing like a Japanese style law. If it says, ... nd obeying the Emperor. As a supplement, Buddhism was told from China and, as for this time and the Nara period, the Buddhism idea was circulated among aristocrats.There was "Taika Reform" in 645. A l ...

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urd was used to aid everything from ulcers to the common cold. Tofu was introduced in Japan, in the Nara period (761-793). At first tofu was called okara, the old cookbooks referred to it as "kabe" (w ...

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The Shogun in Japanese History From 1192 A.D. until 1867,

ei-i-tai-shogun," which translates as "Great Barbarian Subduing General," and was first used in the Nara period. Although the regular structure of the empire remained intact, the Shogun became the de ...

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Buddhist Art in Japan

encouraged by Crown Prince Taishi in the Suiko period in the sixth century and Emperor Shomu in the Nara period in the eighth century. In the early Heian period Buddhist art and architecture greatly i ... lly among his countrymen." (Anesaki 1975: 20) The main temple he built was the Horyu-ji temple near Nara, now the oldest wooden structure in the world. Inside the kondo, or golden hall, sit large stat ...

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How did China influenced Japan

. From the introduction of Buddhism to Japan, the first four eras, including Asuka Era, Hakuho Era, Nara Era and Heian Era, was deeply influenced by Tang's Buddhism. Such intensified influence was mai ... nese envoys and scholars going to China to learn more about Buddhism. After going through Asuka and Nara Periods, Japan built six Buddhist schools referred as the " six Nara sects". Some of them were ...

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