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ESPN:Killing The Habit-An editorial project highlighting the risk of tobacco in ESPN broadcasted sports. One sided.

tice my parents and two younger sisters flipping between reruns of the winter X Games on ESPN 2 and NASCAR on ESPN. Normally, this average American habit of channel surfing wouldn't stop my pursuit fo ... rts is RJR Tobacco Company. Their well-known Winston brand is seen and heard every time the popular NASCAR (National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing) games are broadcasted. As NASCAR racing's pop ...

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The Ride of Your Life The story of Lyn St.James

With a chance to experience somethinglike this, what would you do? The answer is anything, and all NASCAR drivers have tocontend with that wide open range of possibilities. Lyn St.James more so than ...

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Illegal Street Racing

in the world is racing. Racing in general can consist of many different types such as: Drag Racing, NASCAR, Indy, Motor Cross, Truck Rally. The topic of racing that I am chose was street racing. Stree ...

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A crazy wild day at the Races.

One of the most exciting experiences I've ever had was my first time to watch Nascar at Texas Motor Speedway. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon as I entered the dusty, old, bum ...

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Dale Earnhart, The Legend

re of wrecks. He was and probably always will be a legend. A legend, which has brought the sport of NASCAR racing to a different level. Even in death he continues to be idealized as the best and most ... ferent level. Even in death he continues to be idealized as the best and most influential driver in NASCAR history. So it may come as a surprise to learn that the first care in which Earnhardt raced w ...

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Media Comparison - ESPN

der that vast media mogul that is ESPN. With topics ranging from bass fishing, rodeo, tennis, golf, NASCAR, Spring Training (MLB), Soccer and the upcoming Olympics to breaking news on the latest legal ...

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Political power of the nascar dad

The Political Power of NASCAR DadsIs it possible that the so-called 'NASCAR Dad' could be the key to the race to the White ... archers and presidential advisors, Yes they could well be. To first understand why these so called 'NASCAR Dads,' vote and think the way that they do. I will try and give a little insight into the 'NA ... ive a little insight into the 'NASCAR Dad' and also some background about this vastly popular sport.NASCAR racing was stumbled upon during the 1930's and 1940's when ordinary people started buying car ...

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1999 Superman DuPont Chevrolet Replica Die Cast Car.

I love NASCAR racing and have a collection of close to 70 Revell 1:24 scale Die Cast replica cars. I posses ... hing winning finish in this wonderfully designed machine at one of the most important tracks in the NASCAR circuit, which is the brickyard 400 in Indianapolis.This car, which is made of real metal is ... ear Eagle One printed on them in thirty second of an inch.This car appears so genuine that any true NASCAR fan would see this car not as a replica, but as a ferocious, huge metal machine that can run ...

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The Intimidator- A Biography of Dale Earnhardt Sr.

immediately who you're talking about: the dirt roots, tough as nails, fearless driver who is one of NASCAR's finest. Earnhardt had no problem spinning someone out or running them into a wall to win a ... nhardt might not have won as many races as some, but he was, and still is, arguably the best driver NASCAR has ever seen.Ralph "Dale" Earnhardt was born April 29, 1951 to Ralph Earnhardt and Martha Co ...

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Global E - Commerce at United Parcel Service (UPS)

rnally known as package cars (hence the company nickname "Big Brown", and sometimes, because of its NASCAR-related commercials, "The #88 Car"). The brown color that UPS uses on its vehicles and unifor ...

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Ap English Language question

butions to charities. He also relished in his fame and often bragged about being the best driver in NASCAR. The worship he received from his fans is not because of his courage under fire. The sport is ... ld not accept these sponsorships that advertise legal drugs. Not to mention, cheating is rampant in NASCAR. A retired crew chief said that a large part of his job was to find ways to cross the line of ...

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Division and Classification Essay of the Stages of Growing Up

y may not proceed into the next stage of life. Childhood is not a stage to be rushed through like a NASCAR race; it must be enjoyed, cherished, and squeezed for everything that it is worth.Personally, ...

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Video games

heir teams to use all their skills effectively. On the other hand, there are the classic games like NASCAR, and others that use characters of other genres in combination with the racing genre like in ...

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Is NASCAR a sport?

INDEXIntroductionAuto racing and motor sports historyRacing leagues and NASCAR developmentWho races and whyKeeping up with the changesSummaryAttachment A – History of NASC ... ngesSummaryAttachment A – History of NASCARAttachment B – Social Science at 190 MPHINTRODUCTIONIs NASCAR a sport? This question has been raised since the first stock car race on the beach in Dayton ... g and golf only consists of skills, and that's's just a sport for drunken rednecks.NASCAR only became what it is because of moonshine runners running from the police!NASCAR is the gre ...

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Ethical Essay

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Tribute To Dale Earnhardt

21, and a few other pop up. When I think of a sports number, mine is 3. If you know anything about NASCAR racing this number is anywhere you go. Dale Earnhardt was killed on the last turn of the last ... o always goes for the victory. In this case, he gave Waltrip his first victory in 463 starts on the NASCAR circuit. Earnhardt was the most colorful driver in NASCAR history. With 7 Winston Championshi ...

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Dale Earnhardt

sident Richard Howard. Over the next 3 years he made a total of 8 starts. In 1980 Dale won both the Nascar Winston Cup Series title and became the 1st ever driver to win both the rookie of the year an ... of the year and the series championship in the same season. Earnhardt has won almost every event in Nascar. In Feb. of 1998 after 20 attempts Dale finally won the Daytona 500. This win was his 71st of ...

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Sarah Barron 1st Block Aug. 29, 2001 “Race Day”         It

up the grill. As a family and sometimes with friends, we would sit down and watch the ritual Sunday Nascar race. Of course we didn't eat just anything on race day. It was always racin' chicken ... t anything on race day. It was always racin' chicken and bratwurst. Lucky for my dad, the cook, the Nascar season was only February through November. This left out some of the coldest weekends. After ...

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