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Greed in sports

GREED IN SPORTSRecently Michael Jordan wanted to de-certify the union of the National Basketball Association, because he felt hecould never make what he was "worth" under the cu ...

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Basketball Needs to be Fixed

television all generated by people's love for basketball. But in the last couple of years, both the National Basketball Association (NBA) and college basketball have lost a substantial amount of their ...

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ves to sponsors, a line has to be drawn somewhere.The four major sports, Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, the National Football League, and the National Hockey League all ge ... that sponsors have on Major League Baseball is that they are trying to help restore baseball as the national pastime. Baseball needs to regain interest with the public and sponsors are coming up with ...

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My essay talks about the comparsion and contrast of michael jordan and larry bird.

Name Keron MunroeTitle - Michael Jordan and Larry BirdThe National Basketball Association league has been in existence for almost half a century. This league ...

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Women in Professional Sports.

tch up with a NCAA Division II basketball player, but there will never be a successful woman in the National Basketball Association. Women are not built like men obviously; they do not have enough mus ...

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Dirk Nowitzki Biography, 4 pages long, details the life of the NBA superstar

Nowitzki. Dirk Nowitzki is the 25 year-old superstar forward/center of the Dallas Mavericks in the National Basketball Association. In order to paint a picture of Dirk in your mind, imagine a man 12 ... his fate as a basketball player. During 1993, around his 15th birthday, Dirk met his mentor, former national player Holger Geschwindner, whose unconventional, think outside-the-box approach to trainin ...

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"Why African Americans Dominate in Sports"

e NBA is nearly eighty percent black, and the WNBA is seventy percent black. During the 1960's, the National Basketball Association's racial breakdown stood at roughly eighty percent white and twenty ...

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History of Basketball

ABA was a place for untapped talent to emerge. Many players proved themselves in the ABA while the National Basketball Association rejected them. This greatly increased the talent level throughout pr ...

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Michael Jordan Bib

Michael Jordan, the best known athlete in the world, is a leading scorer in the National Basketball Association (NBA), who led the Chicago Bulls to many recent NBA championships. H ...

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Shaq and his History

O'Neal, Shaquille (1972- ), American basketball player, considered one of the greatest players in National Basketball Association (NBA) history. A dominating post player (center), the 7-ft, 1-in O'N ... nd in points (29.3) and rebounds (13.2) per game. In 1994 he was also a member of the United States national basketball team known as Dream Team II, which won the gold medal at the world basketball ch ...

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Kobe Bryant

Bryant, Kobe, born in 1978, American basketball player who became the youngest National Basketball Association (NBA) player in history in 1996. He entered the NBA straight from hi ...

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Does height matter in the NBA?

Introduction:For the people who don't know, the acronym NBA stands for National Basketball Association. NBA's mission is to be the most respected and successful sports lea ...

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NBA Dress Code: Rescind It.

t thorough enough to actually do any good. That is why we stand affirmed to the resolution that the National Basketball Association should rescind its dress code.Our first point, the newly instated ...

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Sport in the USA (a few things that everybody should know...)

agues began cooperation in 1903). MLB is divided into the American League (founded in 1901) and the National League (founded in 1876). The two are effectively merged on an organizational level.b) The ... unded in 1946). The NBA partially absorbed the rival American Basketball Association in 1976.c) The National Football League (founded in 1920). The NFL partially absorbed the All-America Football Conf ...

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From Prep to Pros

on is based on sports and the statement that I want to make is that you shouldn't be able to go the National Basketball Association right out of high school. The reason that I agree with this is becau ...

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Basketball History In America

ames. Professional basketball gained great popularity in the U.S. after the formation (1949) of the National Basketball Association (NBA); the NBA is now made up of 27 teams in two conferences, each o ...

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For my research paper I wanted to discuss about the marketing and history of the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA). Once I came to college I realized that I didn't want to purs ... ed" (45). Also, that same night "NBC's coverage of the Los-Angeles-New York game beat out all other national sports competitions" (45). Those are amazing statistics considering it outdrew telecasts fr ... arget audience between the NBA and the WNBA. In fact, in the article, "The Marketing of the Women's National Basketball Association and the making of Post feminism", McDonald explains, WNBA differ sig ...

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ge altogether. A record number of athletes who were still eligible to play college ball entered the National Basketball Association draft. There are also plans for two new professional leagues for tee ...

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Professional Sports In Canada: A Disappearing Tric

to come up with the difference (Godfrey). The so-called "revenue sharing" of Major League Baseball, National Hockey League and the National Basketball Association are not helping the Canadian teams ei ...

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How Professional Sports Leagues In North America A

team sports were competing. MLB(Major League Baseball)?s season was just wrapping up, while the NFL(National Football League), NHL(National Hockey League), and the NBA(National Basketball Association) ... donations.NFL: The most organized league when it comes to reacting to the disaster seems to be the National Football League. ?The NFL and the NFL Players? Association have already secured a donation ...

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