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Report of the Santa Barbara Oil Spill of 1969.

re environmental legislation than at any time in the nation's history" (Corwin, 1989, para. 6). The National Environmental Policy Act was passed by Congress in 1969, requiring environmental impact stu ...

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Environmental/Ethical Dilemma

on.Strict guidelines have been established for handling of substances identified as toxic under the National Environmental Policy Act and state environmental acts. These acts have clearly defined poli ...

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Ashland Oil Inc.: Trouble at Floreffe

for the enactment of laws, as well as the enforcement, for acts that threaten the environment. The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) is a major piece of federal legislation that oversees all f ... orts, references and statements supporting the widely accepted conclusion that water pollution is a national problem severely affecting the health of our people, the welfare of the nation and the effi ...

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Environmentalism and Religion: How our faith shapes our world

l 1963, and the United States had no formal environmental policy until New Year's Day 1970 when the National Environmental Policy Act was signed into law (Andreen). While the United States has been sl ... e in Spain, you must possess a United States driver's license with an official translation, an International Drivers License, or a license from an European Community country. The Spanish Police will p ...

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Effects Of Nulcear Waste

ys, municipal landfills, incinerators, abandoned toxic waste dumps, lead smelters and air pollution.National Argonne Laboratory researchers report that 57 percent of whites, 65 percent of African Amer ... Act of 1964, which prohibits discriminatory practices in programs receiving federal funds, and the National Environmental Policy Act, a law passed in 1969 that set policy goals for the protection, ma ...

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The UK students' attitude to environment

e concept of environmental impact has spread throughout many countries, since the passage of the US national environmental policy Act 1969 which incorporated a Impact of major federal actions signific ... nd also 33% selected the government as being responsible for the protection of the environment. The National Council was only considered by 5% of the students. A smaller rate of the students considere ...

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Tort and Regulatory Risk

transport potentially contaminating material. In addition to regulations affecting businesses, the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) was passed in 1969 to require federal agencies to address t ... orest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, and the Department of Commerce." (Jennings, 2006)International efforts have been effected from such entities as the United Nations through the Kyoto Proto ...

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