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The Tragic Challanger Explosion

y Good research but some missing citesThe Tragic Challenger ExplosionSpace Travel. It is a sense of national pride for many Americans. If you ask anyone whowas alive at the time, they could probably t ... n, Ed. "A Nation Mourns." Time 10 February 1986: 24-31. This article gave a good look at the National perspective of things after theexplosion. It also gave a good account of the memorial servi ...

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Civil War heroes including Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Lee, and Walt Whitman. Description of their influence on the war and their occupations.

Wars can bring out so many emotions. National pride, sadness, pain, suffering, happiness, loneliness, fright, strength; hopefulness and h ...

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An overview on World War Two, overview what they american public felt about the war, what brought it about and how it ended.

ng Jieshi and settled into a war of attrition.In Germany, Adolf Hitler mixed the desire to reassert national pride and power after the defeat of World War 1 with racial hatred. Hitler was the head of ...

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Algeria. DeGaulle and the U.N.'s influence on Algeria's decolonization

France's elite. They believed quite strongly that France's job was to be a colonial Empire and that National pride was based around being a colonial power. Before France was to de-colonize the elite h ... of WWII France wanted to protect its position in the world arena and be esteemed as a genuine international power . The people of France wanted to keep the Colonies as much as the government did even ...

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Imperialism and the Conquest of Africa -History of the European conquest for Africa (1870-1914) -Brief overview of Imperialism in general -Key people in the European conquest of Africa

, political, strategic, religious or humanitarian. Imperialism was even more intensified because of nationalism and the Industrial Revolution. They had a concern for security and a sense of national p ... ustrial Revolution. They had a concern for security and a sense of national pride. To protect their national security, leaders called for a healthy national economy, which was based on access to raw m ...

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"A Passage to India" by E. M Forster.

d clearly. Racism is a thought or belief that one race is better than the other. Imperialism is the national policy or practice of acquiring foreign territories or establishing dominance over other na ... to India" by E. M Forster does not get in depth on the subject of racism. It talks about the strong national pride of the English and their concept of the Indians. It describes the leaders of England ...

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Essay regarding the Avro Arrow, how it was a great Canadian Achievement, and how it never should have been cancelled

le was to replace the Avro Canada CF-100 Canuck as asupersonic all weather interceptor. A source of national pride, the Arrowincorporated advanced technical innovations and became a symbol of Canadian ...

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Mission: Spaceship Earth vs. Moon

nd we wouldn't want to think that one day they have a colony on the Moon before us. Talk about your nationalism propaganda... Why does it have to be a matter of national pride? WE, the human race, hav ...

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Europe at the height of its power

cities of World War I. The three major themes that dominated Europe at the height of its power were nationalism, mass politics, and social Darwinism that spurred colonization. These three key concepts ... ed colonization. These three key concepts dictated the mindset and actions of Europe from 1850-1914.Nationalism, huge pride for one's state, spread very quickly in Europe during these 64 years. Docume ...

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Biography on Pierre Elliott Trudeau

Pierre Trudeau's death on September 28, 2000, brought about a spontaneous outpouring of national pride and mourning perhaps unprecedented for any political leader in our history. To many C ... eau. He would be considered truly the second father of his country.There is a powerful irony in the nationalistic outpouring that followed Trudeau's death. He hated nationalism of all kinds and French ... he once wrote, "managed to cripple the advance of civilization." He argued throughout his life that nationalism was fundamentally racist and a threat to individual freedoms. This view was formed in Ma ...

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European Imperialism Consequences for non Western nations, explains the negative and positive things about imperialism for the non-western nations

to expand territory, to exercise military force, to gain prestige by winning colonies, and to boost national pride and security. Religious motives included the desire to spread Christianity, to protec ... to get more work to the population, and finally the boats passing thru the Sues canal, used for the national pride and used exploratory and trade motives.The negative consequences of imperialism were ...

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Victorian England; Social Issues Through Three Poets: Elizabeth Barret Browning, Robert Browning, Alfred Lord Tennyson

The Victorian Age in England was a complex time, a time of great national pride as a major empire and military power well as a time of stern domestic examination as ... th this poem of praise, Tennyson showed himself to be contemporary with the Victorian Era themes of national pride and imperialism.Though all three poets choose different tones and drew from different ...

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Laurier, Canada's loved prime minister. Did he help unite Canada as a nation or not solve any problems.

ective because of his policies on promoting Canadian industries, expanding the railway, encouraging national unity and most importantly the creation of two new provinces because of increased immigrati ... itish. When in a British war we would send the Anglos. With this, he helped unite Canada and spread national pride. He also made Canada a more powerful separate country. He started a navy and loosened ...

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How does Television become a 'household' name?

followed in those footsteps.It started with McCarthyism. Americans developed nervousness about international events and a fierce national pride. These feelings were reflected in the anti-Communist mov ... Perhaps the greatest changes in American life, however, resulted from the growth of television as a national medium. Political events were televised, popular programming entertained the country, and p ...

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The international Olympic Games that are held every four years were originally hosted in ancient Greece in 18 ... ost part have adopted these values within our own society. Too many Canadians, the Olympics present national pride, sportsmanship, hard work, honesty and excellence. But over the years, many scandals ... d hard work they put into their training. When Johnson won gold for being the fastest man on earth, nationally, Canadians' felt proud of Johnson's accomplishment. When Johnson was stripped of his gold ...

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Essay concerns the 100th birthday bash party of Canada. Had to write this because of a course called "Introduction to Canadian Culture". Received a 91% grade.

o 67 was the biggest and best event of Canada's 100th anniversary celebration and a great symbol of national pride for CanadiansHowever from the beginning on, the Canadian Prime Minister Lester Pearso ... rty in its theme, Man and His World. It was visited by more than 50 million people, a stunning international success.The French Prime Minister was also present and played a pretty important role. He c ...

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Characterizing New Monarchs

y unifies their nations, created a centralized government and were concerned with maintaining army, national pride and fostering trade and religious unity. Henry VIII was considered a New Monar ...

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Traveling to the Moon and Elevating the World

moon, we opened a new doorway for the American imagination and established an even greater sense of national pride. More and more, the idea of space travel was prevalent in American thought. Science f ... had a new addition to their brand of the American dream and older Americans had a revived sense of national pride. NASA is now a world-renowned establishment and is constantly pushing forward in scie ...

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The Search for Identity 1788-1900 [convict legacy, the bush legend, Larrikins, the bulletin, H. Lawson, A. B. Paterson]

By the late nineteenth century, nationalism in Australia was on the rise. The idea of the nation emerged with the means for its real ... orn Australians had begun to outnumber the immigrants, and the momentum for a full- born Australian nationalism increased. Three-quarters of the population had been born in Australia and the camarader ... Australia and the camaraderie and defiance of the diggers on the goldfields became a huge source of national pride, just as it did with their namesakes in World War I. Their egalitarianism, mateship, ...

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The Hitler Youth 1933-1939

all Aryan Germans with a parallel girl's organisation the Deutscher Maadek (BMD). The HJ encouraged national pride, but most importantly militarism and reverence to the Fuhrer, demonstrated through it ... trines were taught by HJ leaders. Their task was to prepare for military service to fight for their national cause, which is suggested in The source titled 'The Oath to Adolf Hitler' a speech proposed ...

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