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This was about driving safetly, something i had to turn into court for deferred adjudetication

taking responsibility for yourself and your actions but also keeping an eye on "the other guy." The National Safety Council suggests the following guidelines to help reduce your risks on the road:1. D ... ing vulnerable at some time in the past. The facts are that you are probably more likely to win the national lottery than to be the victim of an attack while out in your car. However, a lot of people ...

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"Education is better than legislation in the battle to save children from guns"

s, almost entirely because of private safety efforts. According to the most recent figures from the National Safety Council, in nineteen eighty-eight, two hundred and seventy-seven children under the ...

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Technology and the Environment

eing computer equipment being sent to disposal facilities and landfills each year. According to the National Safety Council, more than 150 million used PCs are sitting idle in storage in the United St ...

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Ban the Use of Car Phones

the phone. Many lives will be saved with a simple ban._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _"Use a Car Phone Safely." National Safety Council 26 Apr. 2001.

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Gun Control

ppening, stronger gun control laws must be implemented in our country. Gun control needs to be done nationally so that each and every state has the same laws. The government should do this by requirin ... ell. "Gun accidents are the fifth-leading cause of accidental death for children age 14 and under" (National Safety Council). If we required safety locks on guns, children wouldn't be able to accident ...

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Feasibility Analysis of Alternative Fuel Vehicles

of fuel in general.The Clean Air Act does bring up issues that must be dealt with immediately. The National Safety Council (1999) explained that companies that own large fleets of vehicles are mandat ... a conventional automobile. Published fuel efficiency for this class of vehicle is easily twice the national average. A competitive purchase price, very inclusive warranties, and exceptional mileage m ...

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Employee Safety

first and its success caused it to spill over into other industries and led to the creation of the National Safety Council in 1915 ( In 1913, Congress created the Department of Labor an ... nutes and evidence showed a link between cancer and the workplace. The report cried out for a major national occupational health effort. In 1968 the Johnson Bill was introduced. This bill gave the Sec ...

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no text reply

ir attention because they need to focus on talking or texting instead of their driving. 
 The National Safety Council's annual injury and fatality report, "Injury Facts," found that the use of c ...

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