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Gender Identity

Gender Identity is a learned quality. It does not have anything to do with nature (genetics) as much as nurturing. Males and females are separated by gender at birth. A person ... circumstances may cause gender identity disorder .What makes a woman a woman and a man a man? Is it nature? A persons genetics, or is it nurture? The way a person is raised. The way a female and a mal ... til further biological and sociological testing can be done there will never be an absolute answer. Nature is the biological way of determining gender a person is their sex and that is the way it will ...

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Nature Vs. Nurture

        The argument over the relative importance of nature (genetics) and nurture (environment) in determining human traits has long and fruitless. Man ... most open to examination that is more philosophical.While humans have always explored their own nature and have certainly done much since the onset of Greek philosophy, modern positions on the iss ... the mind can derive knowledge solely on logical grounds (Lewontin, 1984). On the question of human nature, Locke thought of the human mind as a tabula rasa, meaning a blank slate. On this slate, exp ...

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