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Indians. Crafts and recreation.

er to destinguish their potterey apart.The art of weaving is so ancient, the origin is unknown. The Navajo viewed weaving as not the beginning of a project, but as the end of one years work of raising ... a project, but as the end of one years work of raising and shearing sheep and collecting wool. The Navajo are recognized world-wide for their skills at weaving.Quilling and beading were another way f ...

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Literarary Analysis of "Chee's Daughter"

ectful personality is shown in the house he lives in because of the way it goes against traditional Navajo customs. Furthermore, his greedy nature is shown in his setting for his granddaughter, on dis ... in his setting for his granddaughter, on display where tourists could pay and observe a traditional Navajo home.Platero and Miller write this story to teach individuals how greed can take over people' ...

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Life on the Reservation

, but there is one place that I know shape the person I am to this day. I grew up in an area on the Navajo reservation called smoke signal I live there from birth until I was about ten years old with ... d helped me to become more efficient in today's world Smoke signal is in Arizona and on the Navajo reservation about fifty miles away from the historical Canyon de Chelly. There is only one ga ...

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Uranium in America

ough the employment of mining creates an income, the American Government is taking advantage of the Navajo people because uranium mining is creating health problems and has a negative impact on enviro ... creating health problems and has a negative impact on environmental resources. Before mining, many Navajo men transit by horse to far place for work. Yet, many natives mined even though they knew so ...

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Cowboys and Indians

les by the corners of their eyes. David talks to them about the wind, and one of them answers: "The Navajo women say this wind, it brings devil spirits with it (…,) This wind came with you! You ... t is there. Their similarities is things like the joy of motorcycles, their special get-away place "Navajo," they are related etc. - on the surface they are similar.4. An outsider is someone that does ...

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