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urt and play for P.A.L in the winter. I think Iam a pretty good player and dream of playing for the NBA one day. Nextyear I'm going to play varsity for our school instead of wrestling and try mybest t ... watching basketball games on TV and usually watch the Knicksplay. Out of all of the 28 teams in the NBA my favorite teams from best toleast favorite are the New York Knicks with Patrick Ewing, Larry J ...

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This essay is a very in dept bio about the life and current carear of Tracy McGrady

Auburndale coaches where certain McGrady would be playing in a Major League ballpark instead of the NBA hardwood. Tracy's family has been a major influence in his life. T-Mac was raised by his Mother ... nd netted 13 points.As Tracy was set to commit to Kentucky and Rick Pitino, Hopkins got a call from NBA Superscout Marty Blake asking for a schedule. NBA Teams wanted to go out to Mount Zion and watch ...

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Role Models - A Look into Athletics

to overcome physical as well as mental weaknesses to a degree inconceivable to most. Looking to the NBA, Americans see a percentage of black players which exceeds that of the total population by twent ... ty-one points; the NFL comes in closely with fourteen excess points. The reality is the majority of NBA and NFL players are minorities from low-income households. They beat the odds; they beat the wel ...

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March Maddness NCAA Tournament

NCAA College BasketballBasketball is the best sport to watch, at least in my opinion, the NBA is awesome but what's even better is the NCAA college basketball. I like it a lot more then the ... and my two teams, each of them are losing good key players because they were either drafted to the NBA or it was there senior year and had to leave college. The Wildcats lost three starting players t ...

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The Next Generation in the NBA

The Next Generation in the NBAEventually, the NBA's brightest stars will fade from the sky. Great players come and go. Most new ... now ready to step into the spotlight. The exciting young players I've chosen have only been in the NBA a few years, but have made their presence known. Damon Staudamire and Grant Hill are the Next Ge ... but have made their presence known. Damon Staudamire and Grant Hill are the Next Generation in the NBA.On Damon Staudamire's right arm is a tattoo of mightymouse clutching a basketball. It is an appr ...

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Bryant, and Tracy McGrady do on the court. I also look a different videos that teams make like the NBA's top 10 dunks, and the NBA's top 10 crossovers. Man when I see those guys do what they do all I ...

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"Why African Americans Dominate in Sports"

d States, thirteen percent of the population is black, but the NFL is sixty-five percent black, the NBA is nearly eighty percent black, and the WNBA is seventy percent black. During the 1960's, the Na ... ty percent black, today is almost reversed. A black man has a one-in-4,000 chance of playing in the NBA, compared to a white male's one-in-90,000 chance. In track and field, nearly every men's world r ...

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Compare and Contrast: Rules of the NBA and WNBA

WNBA and NBAThe NBA and WNBA have both evolved into successful basketballorganizations. Both create l ... hoes.Although both organizations rules are the same, they also differin many ways. For example, The NBA does not allow zone defenses.No zone defenses means that every player must guard anotherstraight ... ot allow zone defenses.No zone defenses means that every player must guard anotherstraight up. The WNBA on the other hand allows many defenses onthe court, which actually makes the game more interesti ...

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History of Basketball

sed the talent level throughout professional hoops.At the same time of the creation of the ABA, the NBA only had 120 players, which meant that many worthy players were not getting the chance to play ( ... ers in the ABA, they got their chance. The ABA started to draft college players to compete with the NBA. Because both leagues wanted the best players, the ABA made a rule which said that the draftee d ...

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e questions drawn from this topic. I intend to describe the origins of basketball, the start of the NBA, and how the game has changed throughout the years."From the beginning, no team sport aimed high ... or, and on June 6, 1946 the BAA (Basketball Association of America) which would later be called the NBA (National Basketball Association) was born. (Dupree, 27) This day was the second anniversary of ...

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Information Portfolio- Secondary information collected and gathered for analysis (good or bad) to identify the concepts of sports marketing.

ntities such as the IOC (International Olympic Committee), AFL (Australian Football League) and the NBA (National Basketball League) etc. These own and control competition and events in their related ...

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History of the Lakers

ive teams in the Pacific Division of the Western Conference of the National Basketball Association (NBA). One of the league's most successful franchises, the Lakers have won 14 championships since the ... tball Association of America (BAA) and won the 1949 BAA title. The NBL and BAA merged to become the NBA after the 1948-49 season, and in the five seasons from 1949-50 through 1953-54, the Lakers colle ...

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Does height matter in the NBA?

Introduction:For the people who don't know, the acronym NBA stands for National Basketball Association. NBA's mission is to be the most respected and succes ... Hypothesis: Basketball myths such as "You Can't Teach Size" and "Size Matters" play a factor in the NBA.Research questions:1. Does height affect the outcome of a game?2. Do taller superstars perform b ... Draft?The type of research is secondary since the raw data was retrieved from official and reliable NBA web sites. There are several aspects that couldn't be included in the research. One of the impor ...

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NBA Dress Code: Rescind It.

When the NBA dress code was put into place it was to correct many problems the commission perceived. The dres ... and of clothing it could encourage the company to release him from his contract. It is assumed that NBA players are all millionaires, but the minimum yearly salary is only 385 thousand dollars, at the ... dollars, at the wage, endorsements become important to the athlete, especially because the average NBA career lasts a mere 4 years according to the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame. That's precious ti ...

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Sport in the USA (a few things that everybody should know...)

ely merged on an organizational level.b) The National Basketball Association (founded in 1946). The NBA partially absorbed the rival American Basketball Association in 1976.c) The National Football Le ...

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From Prep to Pros

dual.Don't get me wrong, there have been a few great athletes that have made their names big in the NBA straight from high school, but they will never have the excellence and accomplish the bigger thi ... el the transition from high school to any professional league should go. And that is that since the NBA has proved that some kids don't belong in the NBA right away then there should be a professional ...

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Dirk Nowitzki, climbing the latter of sucess

ketball team. His sister wasn't a big sports person but she does work for the company that produces NBA T.V. Nowitzki wasn't born talented, in fact he didn't even pick up a basketball until he was in ... It was very surprising, even to Dirk, for the U.S. team was very good.When he got drafted into the NBA he started to play for the Milwaukee Bucks. A rumor said that the coach of the Bucks had a bad n ...

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Are African Americans better in Sports then Other Races?

on television. It may slip out of one of the ESPN SportsCenter anchors mouths with talking about a NBA or NFL player. Sports are not a new thing. There have been sports since Greek times. This is whe ... The last African that I can remember playing in the NFL was Christian Okoye. There are a few in the NBA and maybe none in Major League Baseball. Does these say that Africans Americans are better in sp ...

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Dreams Change

n my mind that I would be the next Lisa Leslie, except for me being short, white and playing in the NBA of course. There has never been a time when I didn't wish I could play. "I just want to play," i ...

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Basketball History In America

ned great popularity in the U.S. after the formation (1949) of the National Basketball Association (NBA); the NBA is now made up of 27 teams in two conferences, each of which has two divisions.Game pl ...

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