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Dyslexia - the cause study

be seen that the cited causes may be usefully grouped into several categories (genetic, perceptual, neurological and linguistic). Each of these areas will be examined in some depth, and the evidence e ...

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Alzheimer's Disease, "The Disease of the Century". 7 page paper on the history, causes, effects and research on the disease. Includes citation in apa format

er's Disease, "The Disease of the Century".In 1906 a German neurologist Alois Alzheimer performed a neurological autopsy on a 56-year-old woman who had suffered deteriorating mental health for many ye ...

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A brief outline of the long and short term risks of ecstasy use.

story of any psychiatric condition, kidney disease, heart disorders, cardiovascular disease, or any neurological or nervous system impairment are also categorised as high risk.The main short-term risk ...

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ar, nose, and throat disorders,respiratory disorders, Gastrointestinal disorders, Eye disorders, andNeurological and Muscular disorders. The needles used inacupuncture are usually only inserted from 1 ...

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close to the awakened state; (5) in a more recent and controversial theory, REMdreaming performs a neurological erasure function, eliminating extraneous information build-up inthe memory system; and ... nternal biologicalprocess. Some researchers have proposed the activation-synthesis hypothesis. Theirneurological research indicates that large brain cells in the primitive brain stem spontaneously fir ...

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Post Acute Withdrawal (P.A.W)

nction and change in alcoholics has been documented in 75-95% of recoveringalcoholics tested from a neurological standpoint. These symptoms begin to appearin 7-14 days after abstinence and can continu ...

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Sudden Death in Intensive Care - an examination on the bereavement process and counselling in an ITU environment

e polio epidemic of the early 1950`s and have subsequently developed to incorporate cardiovascular, neurological and multi organ failure care for critically ill adults and children. They are very tech ... blocked endotracheal tubes, or in the case of road traffic accidents, from shock and haemorrhage or neurological damage.Informing the relatives of the death of their loved one is perhaps one of the mo ...

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them, trillions of poisonous molecules enter to your brain, once there they let loose of a kind of 'neurological chain reaction ricochets around the skull and rearranges the interior reality of the mi ... total of 100 billion. But through long wire-like projections known as axons, these cells influence neurological activity in many regions, including the nucleus acumens, the primitive structure that i ...

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A basic overveiw of what Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)is and its effects.

ADHD.Although the exact causes of ADHD remain unknown, current research suggests that heredity and neurological based condition could be the causes of the disorder. Furthermore, more boys are affecte ...

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Autism, what causes it and what the symptoms are.

though a single specific cause of autism is not know, researchers have been able to link autism to neurological or biological differences in the brain. In some cases, there appears to be a pattern of ...

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Left vs. Right brained Conflict Resolution.

terest to arrive at creative solutions (p.235). For the benefit of those who are not up to speed on neurological geography, the theory goes that each side of the brain does different jobs in different ...

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Treatments for OCD(obsessive compulsion dissorder).

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a neurological Anxiety Disorder that iscaused by an imbalance of Serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransm ...

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

. It is sometimes difficult to diagnose one having ADHD, because people say there is no evidence of neurological differences, or the criteria is too broad. Still, about 5% of children and 3% children ...

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Its a story about monkeys, that i made up when i found a monkey at the park one day.

tempting to synthesize pheromones to reduce breeding of beetles that fed on tobacco crops, some rat neurological experiments, and some cricket behavior/population studies. The rat experiments involved ...

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Emotions and physical health relationship

. A recent study reported that women who experience trauma--domestic violence--have 50% to 70% more neurological, gynecological, and stress-based physical problems than women who have never been abuse ...

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The Effects Down syndrome has on Motor Skills

40 female) age 4 to 18 years will be assessed on a standardized test, referred to as the "The Quick Neurological Screening Test - II" (QNST-II, 1998). "The QNST-II" assesses areas of neurological inte ... n informed consent (Appendix A) will be obtained from the parent/guardian of every child. The Quick Neurological Screening Test-II (Mutti, 1998) will be administered in the proper sequence required by ...

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lexia was developed. According to the International Dyslexia Association, dyslexia is defined as "a neurologically based, often familially inherited, disorder that interferes with the acquisition and ... tudies have found that no two people with dyslexia are the same. Research has shown that there is a neurological difference between the thinking brains of dyslexics. Some people with dyslexia have sig ...

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Autism Today

almost 4 million people will have some type of autism.Autism is a complex disorder that affects the neurological functioning part of the brain, and typically appears during the first three years of li ...

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Discuss at least one possible cause of a named learning difficulty other than autism (e.g. dyslexia, dyscalcylia). Refer to evidence in your answer (12 marks)

One possible cause of dyslexia is that it emanates from neurological (brain) factors. This is a biological explanation. There is some evidence that dyslexic ... eant to match up images from each eye into a single image. Stein says that dyslexia is a widespread neurological problem. The evidence is from Stein and Talcott which demonstrates that visual processi ...

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Brief Overview on the Physics of Music

Variations in air pressure against the eardrum. The subsequent physical and neurological processing and interpretation, give rise to the experience called sound. Most sound tha ...

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