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'Casablanca:' A New PerspectiveThroughout history, the film industry has seen many directing styles and techniques. ... entury saw a factory style of film production, but as the years went by, director's began to employ new and untried techniques in their pictures. One such technique which these director's implemented ...

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Gene Therapy

Gene TherapyBecoming ever more popular as research continues, gene therapy offers a new approach in the battle against genetically spawn diseases and malformations. Rather than using t ... py involves the insertion of a healthy gene into the somatic cells or the cells of the body. If the new genes function correctly, then the disease may be cured. One characteristic of this technique is ... ded only for the individual suffering the disease. Since the gene resides in the somatic cells, the newly inserted gene will not be passed down to any future generations. While somatic gene therapy fo ...

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A brief outline of the long and short term risks of ecstasy use.

s have not been effective, as people who choose to take drugs will do so no matter what the risk. A new approach has been adopted that focuses on harm minimisation. Harm minimisation attempts to lower ...

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Can We Say "NO" To Recycling

Therefore scientists found out a way to reuse things and that process was called 'recycling'. This new approach seemed quite successful at the beginning, until its true identity appeared. Recycling f ... true identity appeared. Recycling first started as man's best friend, people were intrigued by this new phenomena. What could be better than using things that were already used. Recycling has been ver ...

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Nature/Nurture or Both!

, whether it is Nature (heredity, our biological make up) or Nurture (our environment) is taking a new shape. Through the past decades, psychologists have developed different theories to explain the ... and behave. Usually, these theories were one directional in the nature / nurture question. Today, a new approach to deal with this question is emerging. This new approach finds a middle ground betwee ...

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Flesh and the Devil - Clarence Brown, technical devices and cinematic movements of 1920s in the construction of drama.

ghtens the drama of the film.Only a few significant technical advances occurred during the 1920s. A new approach to cinematography introduced a creation of soft and blurred images, rather than the har ... reation of soft and blurred images, rather than the hard-edged, sharp tones of previous films. This new approach to cinematography is used in Flesh and the Devil; examples of this soft blurry image ar ...

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Architecture - what makes a buildling Green.

res, landscaping and aesthetics. The concerns for energy and environment coupled with the advent of new technologies have opened up new dimensions and approach in building design, all over the world. ... concern for energy efficiency, environment, water conservation and user of recycled products and renewable energy can be defined as "Green".Energy Efficient Windows:WoodA natural product, it is said ...

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Tomorrow's Manager.

Tomorrow's MangerJust as the world continues to evolve at lightning speeds, so will new technologies. These technologies are limit less to only the imagination. One certainty of busine ... y, managing a mobile or remote work force is not uncommon ground. Tomorrow's manager will require a new approach separate and distinct from the traditional role of management. Key roles of tomorrow's ... nd distinct from the traditional role of management. Key roles of tomorrow's manager will require a new team-based organizational focus, strategic change planning, motivational and control methods, an ...

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Z Glass.

c direction. These deliberations created a reemphasis of the technical competence of the company in new product development and a focus on process excellence and productivity. A major step in the new ... ransfer of products from R&D to production. After laboratory development and prototype testing, new products were assigned to an M&E products team that designed any new equipment required, and ...

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"A New Wave of Journalism" -- the positive effects of "public journalism."

A New Wave of JournalismA new movement against mainstream journalism, called "public Journalism," ... alized reporting and instead focusing on the needs of the public. The Norfolk Virginian-Pilot is a newspaper that has put this new method into effect with great results. Through this paper's change ... facts and information, involving readers interactively, and obligation to report true, significant news.Before the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot adopted this new approach it would follow local elections ...

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Characters and settings as instruments of revolt against the Catholic dogma in Graham Greene's Brighton Rock.

nt over the horizon of art. As writers wanted to explore different themes, or classic themes with a new approach, the novel broke from its traditional purpose as entertainment and emerged as an artist ...

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The brandt report

al agencies, and the global public. It proposed a restructuring of the global economy, along with a new approach to the problems of development, including an emergency program to eliminate poverty in ... the Commission presents its "North-South Report" to the Secretary-General of the United Nations in New York. The Brandt Commission offered the international community a vision for balancing the creat ...

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New Ideas for Corporate Fraud/Should there be more government oversight of corporate finances?

ecommends that all companies be required to implement fraud prevention programs, be audited using a new approach to detect material fraud, have a fraud specialist participate in the audit and have cer ... n companies.Melanie A. HarrisDr. Donna Maria BlanceroBUS 303-Case Study19 April 2004New Ideas For Corporate Fraud        Corporate fraud occurs in almost every busines ...

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Throughput Accounting and the Theory of Constraints

THE THEORY OF CONSTRAINTSA Summary of Goldratt's ArgumentDuring the 1970's Eli Goldratt developed a new approach to production management which he called Optimised Production Technology (OPT). This ap ... t is obtained from additional purchased capacity, such as buying a second machine or implementing a new information technology.5. If, in the previous step, a constraint has been broken, go back to Ste ...

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Recruitment, selection and retention

Williams, PresidentWinner software Co.From: Peter, CaoManager of Human Resources ManagementRe: Our new approach to recruitment, selection and retentionDate: 16 December 2003Executive Summary"Winner" ... c knowledge, and approximate work experience at least 3 years.This three-part approach will build a new team for the development of our firm. As a small size company, the way of recruitment, selection ...

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An in depth case study of scientology outlining why it is strongly opposed in contemporary society.

ting factor to it's opposition in the local community.2.0 Synopsis:Scientology is seen as a radical new approach to mental therapy and has developed into one of the fastest growing religious denominat ... their views on methods of psychology procedures such as auditing.4.0 Introduction:Scientology is a new religion which has aroused storms of controversy all over the world. Yet, people of the religion ...

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Taylorism and McDonaldization

r. With the industrial revolution came a fast growing pool of people, seeking jobs, that required a new approach of management. Scientific management was the first management theory, applied internati ... it decreases human interaction, making consumers deal with computers, teaching them to adapt to our new McDonalized society. The second dimension is calculability, or in other words that quantity is m ...

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Future of Management

ement Page 2AbstractAs the business world continues to adapt and change future managers will need a new approach separate from the traditional role of management. Management and leaders alike will hav ... portant role of employees and the demands of the market place. Adjusting and educating will provide new solutions to become a major contender on the market place.Organizing is "identifying jobs to be ...

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TSI , A Case study from Saudi Aramco Hospital on TSI

1.0 Introduction:'TSI is a new approach to planning, designing, 'problem solving' and evaluation. The process employs a range o ... confront.' ( Flood, R.L. & Jackson. P45).TSI is a methodology or meta-methodology which gives a new approach to planning designing, problem solving and evaluation.It has its own philosophy, princi ... e of Aramco Dhahran Primary Care Clinic to help in understanding TSI.2.0. Philosophy of TSITSI is a new development of system thinking it stands on three positions, these are 'complementarism, sociolo ...

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Review on Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet (1996)

leased in 1996 and unlike the others that have tried to imitate Shakespeare's work Luhrmann tried a new approach. He set the film not in the time Shakespeare deemed it to be set but in a modern day se ... n the film was released half of the children at British secondary schools were reading the book so knew the ending. So this film shows that it is not about how the film ends but how they get to the en ...

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