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Aceh and Irian Jaya in Indonesia

a or Papua as it now known is a province in eastern Indonesia, on the western half of the island of New Guinea. It was formerly known as West New Guinea and later West Irian. It has a population of al ... ific Ocean, on the west by the Ceram Sea, on the south by the Arafura Sea, and on the east by Papua New Guinea. Most of the people in Irian Jaya are involved in agriculture, copper mining or petroleum ...

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Compare and Contrast "Ceremonial Dance Masks of the Oceanic and the African Culture".

nature as a cultural icon.The Oceanic Dance Mask Headress from Siassi Island off the north coast of New Guinea, is believed it's purpose was to protect members of the island's secret society, the spir ...

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The essay is about causes of anger, aggression and violence in human beings.

avior is something that is taught to him rather than being an unmanageable instinct. For example, a newborn baby is breathing because it is an uncontrolled reaction. But on the other hand, a father ma ... ontact with aggressiveness in society in order to act aggressive. For example, there was a tribe in New Guinea, who were violent warriors that were always fighting and killing each other. The children ...

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Analysis of a website called Buginabox.

totally re-built an e-commerce platform or has to wait that Yahoo! Stores develop transactions with new types of credit cards like American Express, Delta, Switch or Connect.A typical American but int ... ncs).Payment options mark = 3/53.8 - Unusual featuresUpdates are very frequents, the webmaster adds new species, new information, but there is no place where it is possible to know when has been done ...

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Coral Sea - An Important Battle

its empire southeast, cutting the sea lanes between Australia and America by seizing the islands of New Guinea, New Caledonia, Fiji and Samoa. The first srep was the capture of port Moresby, a key All ... and Samoa. The first srep was the capture of port Moresby, a key Allied base on the south coast of New Guinea, 400 miles from Australia.For two months, Japan strengthened its bases in the area, espec ...

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Australias flora and fuana report

ons. Of the 700 species of the Eucalyptus genus, 95% occur naturally in Australia, the rest grow in New Guinea, the Philippines and Indonesia. Eucalyptus wood is prized and its oil is used for pharmac ... tralia's appalling record on animal extinction is that many species disappeared before anyone even knew they existed. This process continues today.Australia's most distinct fauna are the marsupials an ...

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Amelia Earhart

ff again, her first stop was Miami, Florida. The rest of her flight was as scheduled until she left New Guinea and was nearing Howland Island where she and her plane disappeared and was never found.

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Contemporary Warfare in the New Guinea Highlands

New Guinea highlanders can go to war with each other to avenge ghosts or to exct revenge for the kil ... e complex interrelationship among the various parts of their own social system.The leaders of Papua New Guinea see intertribal fighting as a major social problem with severe economic consequences. Alt ... ibal fighting as a major social problem with severe economic consequences. Although fighting is not new to them, warfare seems to re-emerge in 1970s with a new set of causes. It is believed that the i ...

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How did the roles of women change during WW2?

army would to a soldier. A few women served overseas doing intelligence work behind the fighting in New Guinea.It is apparent that the role of women in Australian society changed due to all the experi ...

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New Guinea During the Battle of the Pacific -It's the military involvement during the war in New Guinea.

Japan's defense of New Guinea was overcome by a well calculated amphibious attack by the Army Forces supported by the N ... ack by the Army Forces supported by the Naval Gunfire and Naval Air Support. This event occurred in New Guinea from 24 of January, 1943 to 31 of December, 1944. New Guinea had much involvement in this ... e drive across the Southwest Pacific, but the Japanese troops still controlled the northern half of New Guinea. General Douglas MacArthur had to defeat the enemy forces in New Guinea and eliminate the ...

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"Cannibal Tours"

ey can to get by. The tourists come in by the shipload, almost on schedule, to see the sights Papua New Guinea has to offer, including the natives, the scenery, the beaches and the souvenirs. These to ... he souvenirs. These tourists are the lifeblood of the brittle, almost non-existent economy of Papua New Guinea. The locals seem to have nearly abandoned their traditional way of life in favour of cate ...

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The Battle for New Guinea

AMERICAN MILITARY UNIVERSITYThe Battle for New GuineaThe battle for the Pacific was largely fought by the United States Navy and the Marine Cor ... arines take center stage with battles like Iwo Jima, Saipan, Tarawa, and Guadalcanal. The battle of New Guinea should not over look as the turning point of the Pacific Campaign during World War Two. T ... ide the needed airstrips to provided safe landing areas for damaged planes. This key location would New Guinea and the surrounding islands of New Britian and New Ireland, and the area know as the Bism ...

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Australia's contributed significantly to international conflicts in the 20th century - Bougainville and East Timor.

ury. A prime example of this contribution is highlighted in the peacekeeping missions in both Papua New Guinea (Bougainville) and East Timor.AUSTRALIA AND BOUGAINVILLEHostilities in Bougainville, New ... round the issue of Bougainville’s independence.Bougainville is an island located east of Papua New Guinea’s main landmass, however wasn’t particularly culturally tied to the mainland. T ...

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erent groups or tribes.They came to Australia 100.000 years ago, at that time the land was joind to New Guinea in the north.The Abotigines spoke many different langues, told wonderful stories about th ...

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A letter from home-Describe the conditions the soldiers experienced in the jungle of New Guinea

A letter from home-Describe the conditions the soldiers experienced in the jungle of New GuineaAlready in the first paragraph, Scarlett gives an impression to the reader that the condit ... n in New Guinea is extremely remote and the sense of urgency for a ward is another condition of the New Guinea jungle experienced by the soldiers, there being a ‘grass hut built only a few hours ... t?”Scarlett also tells of the weather conditions that the soldiers experience in the jungle of New Guinea;“It was cold here in the ranges, but tomorrow would be sunny and hot as usual.” ...

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List the impacts of changing sea levels and climate on Australia

ter became trapped in ice sheets and glaciers. The sea level was 100 metres lower than it is today. New Guinea and Tasmania were attached to mainland Australia. The climate was much colder in the sout ... to their present levels. Australia took on its present shape and became isolated, with Tasmania and New Guinea cut off from the mainland. Some of the lower valleys were drowned, making one harbours su ...

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The History Of The FJ Holden and Damien Parer

Holden retailed for ₤1023. The FJ was also the first car produced by Holden to be exported to New Zealand, which was the start of and export trade that continues today. In 1955 the FJ went under ... oung age, and several years later he won a prize in a photographic competition run by the Melbourne newspaper, “The Argus”. With the prize money he bought his very first camera. Later Parer ...

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To what extent is it possible to discredit the 'black legend of childhood' (Keith Wrightson) in 16th and 17th century England?

re would be nothing very surprising about such a society, which closely resembles the Mundugomor in New Guinea in the twentieth century’ ; a theory refuted by Macfarlane: ‘it is inadmissible ... the generations and this practice was carried out to ‘maintain a womb-like environment for the newly born baby’ ; in this way parents were protecting their children from the outside world by ...

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Australian Federationdiscuss Arguments Used For and Against the Idea of Federation in the Late Nineteenth Century.

re arguments against this idea including the self-interests of different colonies and the size of a new nation if it occurred. Several reasons for federation were considered, such as the need for a un ... rotect Australia. In 1883, Sir Henry Parkes quoted, "If Australia could have spoken with one voice, New Guinea would have belonged to Australia" Around the 1880s, the Australian colonies had become in ...

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Guns Germs and Steel essay

friend Yali's question; "Why is it that you white people developed so much cargo and brought it to New Guinea, but we black people had little cargo of our own?" The question may seem simple, but it t ... ecline in wild animals and plants. These same people also started to advance in technology, finding new and easier ways to survive. "Plant domestication may be defined as growing a plant and thereby, ...

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