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Has our Political System Succeeded? Essay for American Govt.teacher. Made an A on this paper

Then came our Constitution in 1787, which was made into three plans. These were the Virginia Plan, New Jersey Plan, and then the Connecticut compromise. The four things our Constitution accomplished ...

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Definitive: The U.S Constitution.

entation by majority rule, but that applied more to the bigger-city states (The Virginia Plan). The New Jersey Plan on the other hand wanted equal representation. In order to solve this Roger Sherman ... tion amendable, (able to make changes), to change the constitution as times change.Our forefathers knew that the thirteen colonies needed to be united and that the people of the government did not wan ...

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Constitutional Compromises

and slavery.There were two plans concerning representation in government: the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan. The Virginia Plan favored the states with large populations, giving them representa ... of Representatives. The states with smaller populations did not like this idea so they proposed the New Jersey Plan. This plan gave every state one representative, giving all the states equal represen ...

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The Articles of Confederation (A Document Based Question) (Documents not included)

f the Revolution, the colonial leaders found that the Articles were not strong enough to govern the new nation. The colonial leaders decided that they would meet at Philadelphia to draft a new Constit ... thirteen states arrived at Independence Hall in the spring of 1787. This Constitution established a new, stronger central government. The Articles of Confederation merely united the states under one l ...

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William Paterson

William Paterson William Paterson, one of the founding fathers from the state of New Jersey lead most of his life as a successful lawyer but played a very large role in shaping a yo ... ncement that everyone seemed ready to exalt him with their praises." Paterson was a Vanguard of the New Jersey Patriots during the Revolutionary War. He was Attorney General and elected to the U.S. Se ... y General and elected to the U.S. Senate but Paterson's greatest accomplishment was his work on the New Jersey Plan.In 1771 Paterson submitted the New Jersey Plan or otherwise known as the Paterson Pl ...

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The Virginia Plan

hat would actually become the Constitution of the United States of America. On the other hand, "The New Jersey Plan", also popularly known as "The Peterson Plan", was proposed by William Peterson at o ... comprising of three divisions with checks and balances to eliminate any chances of power abuse, the New Jersey Plan majorly advocated for the enactment of the Articles of Confederation and added more ...

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The Constitution: Self-interest or Agreement

ller states didn't want less representation in the government, and their own plan was proposed. The New Jersey Plan would have even representation in the government, and it was liked much more by the ...

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