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Why Is Downhill Running So Difficult" - Amby Burfoot Runner's World - April 2004

tory of Grete Waitz, one of the most famous female runners in the world. She was running the Boston Marathon in 1982 and was a good three minutes ahead of the nearest competitor. All of a sudden, with ... ctice makes perfect. Er . . . well, at least better. If you are training for a race like the Boston Marathon where there are extensive downhill stretches, you can build up your quads in preparation. B ...

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Vignette Assignment

retty fun. Maybe I did like the outdoors after all. In fact, I was kind of in love with them.I Love New York'Charles Humble' is what was written in jet-black ink on the flimsy white paper that the unf ... as awaiting our arrival. I excitedly jumped into our ride into the city. Not just any city though...New York City. I looked out my window up at the bright lights and sky-high buildings. I had never se ...

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