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U.S. Scourge Spreads South of the Border

In a recent newspaper article written in the San Diego Union Tribune called "U.S. Scourge Spreads South." A very ...

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Using a T.V. programme that relates to our key terms: democracy, class, industry, art and culture.

Using a text, newspaper article or T.V. programme that relates to our key terms: democracy, class, industry, art a ...

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Newspaper Article: Hyperinflation Hits Germany.

Newspaper Article: Hyperinflation Hits GermanyThe Great War resulted in Germany being plunged into d ...

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Starting a new business.

se government has put forward in removing gum from its cities, as noted in an article from a recent newspaper article (South China Morning Post 2003, p14). It has been estimated that around two billio ...

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Review of article on Children's shoe sizes

The newspaper article "Poor shoes get kids off on wrong foot" from The Australian was dated 5th February ...

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Children's movies classifications

This is a speech I had to write about an issue from a newspaper article. I found an article from the Australian newspaper, The Sydney Morning Herald, abou ...

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Air Pollution Research Paper. Includes Introduction to air pollution,types of air pollution,Causes and solutions,and conclusion!

ion and there are many to blame. The first type of air pollution is smog. The word smog came from a newspaper article almost 50 years ago. The word is slang for smoke and fog, and that is indeed what ...

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AI and Robotics

rding whether or not robots are ready for domestic use (as portrayed in the recent 'The Australian' newspaper article) is clearly a one sided argument. It should be noted that specific points of view ... d if robotic pool cleaners and lawn mowers are to be more widely used"2 was quoted from a month old newspaper article, highlighting the inadequateness in current navigation systems for robots, thereby ...

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Chief Seattle's 1854 Oration - Was it true?

s little credible evidence available to back up the existence of the speech with the exception of a newspaper article written by a Doctor Henry A. Smith. The article, titled "Chief Seattle's Speech," ... o Doctor Smith's article. Therefore, the only proof available that this speech ever occurred is the newspaper article dating back to 1887 from this one source. If we are to give the benefit of ...

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The Last Yahi

hat I found parts of this projects impractical, mainly the part about this essay to be written as a newspaper article, as if we were an early 1900s reporter. There were articles about Ishi, but they w ...

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Area of study: Diversity - The Great Gatsby - 'Variety is the spice of life.' Discuss with reference to your prescribed text and other material you have studied.

life. Without difference the world would lack interest and choice. The text "The Great Gatsby", the newspaper article "Halal harmony at sausage sizzle", the editorial image attached to this essay and ... values which were to have an affair were different and found it interesting to see Daisy do it.The newspaper article "Halal harmony at sausage sizzle" relates to many aspects of diversity. It contain ...

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Rush Limbaugh -logic and commonly used fallacies

vel In 1995, a talk show host, by the name of Rush Limbaugh was quoted while responding to a newspaper article written about a study completed by the NCEA (National Center for Economic Alternat ... about a study completed by the NCEA (National Center for Economic Alternatives). According to this newspaper article, the study done by the NCEA claimed that American farmers use chemical fertilizers ...

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What makes a good friend?

r because that is what society states makes a good friend. You'll read it in almost any magazine or newspaper article on the subject. Not too many people actually take time to consider the qualities o ...

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History Meets Imagination: "In Cold Blood" by Truman Capote.

A newspaper article on the massacre of the Clutters family is what inspired Truman Capote to write his ...

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How does Baz Luhrman reveal Shakespeare to a modern audience? Consider the effectiveness in the opening of the film "Romeo and Juliet"

ext to each other showing the balance of power and friction between them. This is also shown by the newspaper article in which we see with the pictures of each house shown on opposite pages. We then a ... serious the conflict can be in the prologue, "Ancient Grudge", and, "New Mutiny" (both backed up by newspaper headlines.) We are then shown images of destruction which the feud has caused.We are then ...

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Book Review on "Atlanta Rising"

a former columnist for the Atlanta Journal - Constitution, writes as if the entire book is one big newspaper article. As I read his work I felt as if I was part of the specific time period, reading t ... work I felt as if I was part of the specific time period, reading the daily news. He uses a lot of newspaper references for the direct quotes used. He is not directly biased; he tries to tell the sto ...

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Article Review - GDP

ree issues are intricately linked and provide information on the nation's projected economy. In the newspaper article "Federal deficit below last year's record" (2005), Andrew Taylor reviews the Ameri ...

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A New Home

*Write a short story which develops a strong character and includes 2 text types (eg newspaper article, letter etc).It is bizarre the way the whole system works and it fascinates me ...

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Human Rights

g equality in each circumstance? (Use case / media to highlight the four notions of equality)Find a newspaper article or a contemporary case to answer the following:1Choose a domestic issue showing a ... he law didn't need to be involved in this case, because once the story had been printed in national newspapers and was broadcast on various TV channels, the firm unsurprisingly re-hired the man, and h ...

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nlike" because the citizens of Sparta were known for their rigorous, deliberately simple lives.This newspaper article would be to the delight of Henry David. It is an article about simplifying the onc ... craziness, Thoreau would agree completely with this article and would be thrilled to see it in the newspaper.Thoreau, Henry David. "Walden." In Adventures in American Literature." Comp. Francis Hodgi ...

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