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of the spirits theres Clara, who believes that her powers can be used to help others, and her son, Nicholas, who uses the beliefs of spirituality for commercial venues. In Siddhartha, we see Siddhart ... iefs and because of that, they act differently. For house of the spirits, we have Clara and her son Nicholas. For Clara, her life while she grew up was very peaceful, "Clara's adolescence past calmly ...

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Tzar personality study

Preliminary Course; Community & family studyNicholas II tsar of RussiaBy JakeLeadership styleNicholas the II was a people orientated leader he c ... se of poverty in his country but he could not do anything for them Russian was at a difficult time. Nicholas II was heavily driven to do what is best for his people and his country he tried many was t ... any was to please his people but was resented by many of his people. Many of the Russian people saw Nicholas as a task orientated ruler though, there view of him was distorted by the input of the roya ...

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