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Aborigial spirituality

conflict and establishing social harmony in the community. These practices could be linked back to Ninian Smart, who talks of the seven dimensions of religion. These rituals of worship would fit into ...

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How Far Do You Think Observing a Visible Religious Activity, Such as a Festival, Can Help You Understand the Part a Religion Plays in the Life of an Individual or a Community?

points of view, only some of which can be addressed by observing a visible religious activity.Using Ninian Smart's 'dimensional model' as a starting point, we can examine the different dimensions of a ... the part a religion plays in the life of an individual or community, and some would argue that even Ninian Smart'sdimensional model offers us a less than complete picture. Still, it seems clear that t ...

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Buddhism and the seven dimensions

able way of classifying religion and its many aspects is through the Seven Dimensions, developed by Ninian Smart. (See Appendix 1) These dimensions explore the many aspects of religion in a systemati ...

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The 6 dimensions of Religion

1. Ninian Smart has established 6 dimensions or structures in a way to find a common ground between all ...

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Explain briefly Ninian Smart's seven dimensional model of religion. Do you think that Smart's model solves the problems that arise when attempting to define religion?

arrow framework. One of the best known of these attempts is the seven dimensional model proposed by Ninian Smart, who suggested we approach each religion by looking at it under a number of different d ...

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A Religion Comparison of Judaism and Christianity

4th Ed.) Within every religion, there is evidence of the seven dimensions, which were discovered by Ninian Smart. "The Experiential/Emotional Dimension is dread, guilt, awe, mystery, devotion, liberat ...

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Dimensions of Buddhism (Experimental, ethical, material)

ental Being or goal (source: class handout). One way of understanding such a broad topic is through Ninian Smart's model for studying religion. This model allows observers to compare similarities and ... communally but can only proceed with an individual, depending on their mentality and belief system. Ninian Smart's model is an effective way of studying a religion/religions as it analyses the many di ...

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Ninians Smarts dimensions

on is difficult. As individuals we use our own views and experiences to emphasize different things. Ninian Smart, Professor of comparative Religions is known for his seven-part dimension model of reli ... se them to understand beliefs and support learning of religious frameworks.One of the dimensions in Ninian Smarts model is The Narrative or Mythic dimension (The Open University, Introduction, Pg No 2 ...

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