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Some Time Ago In Brooklyn

t on and got his PhD in 1952 from Western Reserve University. Twenty-eight years later Berg won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for discovering recombinant DNA, a discovery that had a huge impact on gene ... mart Berg was. He supported Berg's work that lead to disproving theories earlier established by two Nobel laureates on how fatty acids are transformed into their activated form. Kornberg himself share ...

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Irene Joliot-Curie: Radiologist

ho was always decreeing in the hight of fashion.the one acception of this was her appearance at the nobel Prize ceremony where she came in a long elegant black gown.During Irene's childhood, her mothe ... discrimination against women, bringing women's rights forward in the scientific community.Received Nobel Prize in chemistry with her husband in 1935 for their synthesis of new radioactive elements. I ...

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Marie Curie

rapy was born. In 1903, Marie defended her theory. Together with Becquerel, the Curies were awarded Nobel prizes for physics for their discovery of natural radioactivity. Their happiness was short liv ... 1911, prevented her from entering Academy of Science. And yet, soon after, she was honoured with a Nobel Prize for Chemistry for determining the atomic weight of radium. But her real joy was "easing ...

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Deconstruction Of Adriene Rich's "Power"

Deconstruction of Adrienne Rich's "Power"� This poem "Power"� is describing all the power that runs good and bad throughout our society. The bottle of medicine dug up in th ... and bad throughout our society. The bottle of medicine dug up in the first stanza symbolizes something very powerful. This power was useful one hundred years ago when there were not many cures for di ... is power helped our society it saved peoples lives. Therefore this "perfect"� bottle of medicine is a good power.The second stanza is telling a story about something totally opposite of Marie C ...

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Svante August Arrhenius

innovations, he remains best known for his ionic theory of solutions, For which he was awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1903 Arrhenius henius died in Stockholm on October 2, 1927 Science is a ... ionic theory triumphed. Arrhenius's fame spread, and honors were heaped on him, culminating in tile Nobel Prize in chemistry. Nol one to rest on his laurels, Arrhenius turned to new fields, in cluding ...

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Alexander Fleming and Penicillin

What is the Nobel Prize? The Nobel Prize is an international award given every year since 1901 to recognize peop ... le for their achievements and years of hard work and determination. The prize was created by Alfred Nobel and today it is awarded by the Nobel Foundation. There were originally five categories of this ... ndation. There were originally five categories of this award but today there are six, which are the Nobel Prize in Physics, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, the Nobel Prize in Medicine, the Nobel Prize i ...

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Biography of Gerhard Herzberg.

t or vice-president of several international commissions dealing with spectroscopy. He won the 1971 Nobel Prize in chemistry for using spectroscopy to discover the internal geometry and energy states ... the royal society of London. In 1971, Herzberg received a royal medal from the society as well as a Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Herzberg passed away on March 3, 1999.Herzberg had contributed to physics ...

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Chemistry Paper About Marie Sklodowska Curie, a Famous Scientist Who Discovered The Element Polonium

on awarded the Curies the Humphry Davy Medal. Later, in 1903, Becquerel and Curies were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for their combined discoveries about radioactivity. Sklodowska was the first ... Sorbonne.In 1911 Sklodowska Curie received a telegram informing her that she was awarded the second Nobel Prize, this time in chemistry for the discovery of radium and polonium. She was the first pers ...

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