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Campfire Story #2

, after fallingasleep through the same procedure, the old lady was woken up by that steady drip dripnoise. It echoed all over her otherwise empty house. Getting up, she checked thekitchen, but all the ... hand under the bed and her dog licked her. Later that night, she woke up again to thesame drip drip noise. This time, she got up and checked the laundry. No taps whereleaking there either. Frustrated, ...

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Formal complain letter

ng. Even one of my roommate’s room (5304-5), which is situated near the main door can hear the noise. She also always turns on her loud speakers enjoying the music without closing her door. Besid ... go into the guy room (5304-2) situated in between my room (5304-4) and room (5304-2). There will be noise and loud laughter in the middle of the night. My (5304-2) roommate and I had told them and req ...

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Design of a Silent Jackhammer

added to the jackhammer or an inner structural change, whose purpose is to reduce the jackhammer's noise when working. In general, there are three types of jackhammers which are air-cycle system jack ... esign NeedsAlthough it is a very useful tool, there is still a big problem which is the intolerable noise level it produces. That brings much inconvenience and hearing damage to workmen who use it. Ba ...

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