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Water Pollution

develop cancers, or have children with birth defects.There are two types of water pollution; point source and non-point source. Point sources of pollution occur when harmful substances are put direct ... r when harmful substances are put directly into a body of water (such as an oil spill). A non-point source is when pollutants enter the water indirectly through environmental changes (like when fertil ...

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How north carolina is affected by water pollution

ion strategy for the State.In 1993-1995, North Carolina continued its aggressive program to control nonpoint source pollution. North Carolina established the NPS Workgroup, implemented NPS Teams for e ... , implemented NPS Teams for each of the 17 river basins, published a guide for establishing a point/nonpoint source pollution reduction trading system, and introduced the Draft Interim Plan of the Neu ...

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Water Pollution and Mitigation Plan SCI 275 Final Project

� �PAGE �1� Water pollution is a constant problem that stems from many sources. There are many ways that water can be polluted. While some ways are actually deliberate, so ... e are many specific causes of water pollution. They are actually divided into two categories, Point Source and Non-Point Source. A Point Source example would be if a paper mill were to run straight wa ...

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ur Dioxide Emissions [slides 16] • Water Pollution [slides 17- 18] • Sources of Point and Nonpoint Source Pollution [slide 19-22] • Water Quality of Assessed Rivers, Lakes and Estuaries ... release raw sewage to streets and waterbodies.18 Water Pollution - seepage into ground water from nonpoint sources - the loss of habitats such as wetlands. - we cannot always eat what we catch becau ...

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