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Description of several major characters in Norse (Scandanavian) Mythology, including Woden and Thor, and a brief look at the Ragnarok (end of the world).

onstant through time and distance.Odinn, or Woden, as he is more commonly known is the chief god in Norse mythology. His two ravens, Huginn and Muninn report to him all they see. He is also the god of ... t Odinn being hung and hanging for nine days. The number nine seems to have special significance in norse mythology, and especially to Odinn. One example of this is a story in which Odinn, traveling u ...

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Greek and Norse Mythology.

s stole the Greek myths. However, it is very interesting to note that the mythology of the Vikings (Norse) has many similarities with the Greek myths. These myths are, by no means, identical to the Gr ... I see two possible reasons for this besides pure coincidence.The first has to do with the fact that Norse myths were codified during the Viking era: 780 - 1070. This gives the Norsemen many centuries ...

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A description of mythological creatures found in the 'Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' by C. S. Lewis and their origin

DwarfA dwarf (modern plural dwarfs, older variant is dwarves) is a short humanoid creature in Norse mythology as well as fairy tales, fantasy fiction and role-playing games. Dwarves are much lik ... rting full beards. Dwarfish smiths created some of the greatest and most powerful items of power in Norse mythology, such as the magic ribbon which bound the wolf, Fenris.SatyrsIn Greek mythology, sat ...

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great love and understanding of classic literature.This book with stories of Greek, Roman, and NorseMythology has explanations for many events thathappen in everyday life. While reading, you ...

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oked for and created figures to look up to as heroes, as ideals to strive for and admire. Greek and Norse mythology are excellent examples of these creations, where a wide variety of heroes and gods a ...

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Here It Is

by thousands of miles be influenced by one another. It seems so in the case of Greek Mythology and Norse Mythology. But how can they know about each other if they are so distant from each other? It i ... eached as far as Britain, which was not at all far from the Vikings. For these reasons one believes Norse Mythology took its ideas of Mythology from the Greeks. The are many similarities between the t ...

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Paling Around With Tricksters

ing in the affairs of the heroes and great battles. Loki, who originally assisted the other gods of Norse mythology, evolved into a trickster of extreme importance. Loki orchestrates the death of Bald ... evolved into a trickster of extreme importance. Loki orchestrates the death of Balder, who will in Norse eschatology will be raised from the dead and rule the World after it is destroyed and reborn. ...

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