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The travels of Marco Polo and his influence on the western world

lo was born in 1254 to a noble family in Venice, which was at that time anindependent city-state in northern Italy. Marco had a typical education of a young man of histime1. At age 15, he had already ...

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Italian Cuisine.

at exists between regions within the country.Italy's climate varies between the north and south. In northern Italy, temperatures can reach below the freezing during the winters, with snow in the north ... king the island of Sicily. Mountains cover much of Italy. Most of the country's population lives in northern Italy, particularly on the west coast around Rome and Naples, and in the Po Valley. Souther ...

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Italy information

w incomes and technical standards have been big problems for southern Italy compared to the wealthy northern Italy. Italy is located in southern Europe, northeast of Tunisia. It is a peninsula ...

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"A Farewell to Arms" by Ernest Hemmingway (Book Report)

, towns and life in general.........!2. Summary of contents.Book 1.The first book sets the scene in northern Italy and we hear about the chaos of the war described by the American lieutenant Frederick ...

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"A Farewell to Arms" by Ernest Hemmingway (Book Report)

llings and senseless fighting to many parts of Europe for four years.The setting of the novel is in northern Italy and the reader is introduced to a number of characters of different national backgrou ... ure and will always find its readers.2. Summary of contents.Book 1.The first book sets the scene in northern Italy and we hear about the chaos of the war described by the American lieutenant Frederick ...

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Who were the Celtic peoples?

recorded encounter of a people displaying the cultural traits associated with the Celts comes from northern Italy around 400 BC, when a previously unkown group of barbarians came down from the Alps a ...

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This is an excellent review/summery/report Virgil's the Aeneid.

of the Roman Empire, was born Publius Vergilius Maro on October 15, 70 B.C., near Mantua, a city in northern Italy. The son of a farmer, Virgil studied in Cremona, then in Milan, and finally in Rome. ...

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ound them. Their art became life-like and they began to explore new lands. The Renaissance began in northern Italy and then spread through Europe. Italian cities like Naples, Genoa, and Venice became ...

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Italian Neorealism

and devastation in Italy bent by war, fascism, and social injustice.Rooted in Italian resistance of northern Italy during the close of World War II, the movement is greatly influenced by the sociologi ...

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Celtic languages

n. These languages were once spoken in a wide arc from France to Turkey and from the Netherlands to northern Italy.Celtiberian, anciently spoken in the Iberian peninsula, namely in the areas of modern ...

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King David Statue

istic growth through the Romanesque period to the Gothic era.Benedetto Antelami was born in 1150 in Northern Italy, he became an active artist in the year 1170 at the Parma school (located in Parma, I ...

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High Middle Ages

y to the beginning of the 14th. The High Middle Ages saw an explosion in population. In central and northern Italy and in Flanders the rise of towns that were self-governing to some degree within thei ... e military support for most crusades was drawn from limited regions of Europe. Substantial areas of northern Europe also remained outside Christendom until the twelfth century or later; these areas al ...

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Access whether the benefits of Napoleon's rule in France and Europe outweigh the costs between 1799 and 1815

defended France from the Austrian armies and led them to victories in Italy. By October 1797 all of Northern Italy was under French control. Later he defeated the Egyptians in the Battle of the Pyrami ... te;ville in 1801. This left France in control of Belgium, of German lands in on the river Khine and northern Italy. These victories were, however, short lived.Napoleon's short lived victories did not ...

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Biography on Vergil

ergil was one of the greatest Roman poets in the world. He was born in the tiny village of Andes in Northern Italy in about 70 B.C. According to ancient sources, his father was either a potter or a me ... hey were able to provide him with a good education.When Vergil became a young man he studied in the northern cities of Milan and Cremona before completing his education in Rome, where he studied rheto ...

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n the 9th and 10th centuries, when the empire created by Charlemagne in modern France, Germany, and Northern Italy was falling because of raids by people such as Vikings, and Magyars, or Hungarian nom ...

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Dolce and gabbana

and Gabbana met and found they shared many similar idols and influences. Although Gabbana was from Northern Italy, they both alike profess their prominent influence is the Mediterranean. Stefano clai ...

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Middle Ages Economy

iorating economic conditions. This trend was far from universal and it was certainly less severe in northern Italy. Also, north of the Alps, some communities quickly rebounded and thrived on their com ... of the fourteenth century saw Europe burdened by overpopulation and the agricultural enterprises of northern Europe had reached the limits of their productivity. A lowered standard of living for the p ...

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Area Study: Milan

Area Study: Milan The city of Milan is located in Northern Italy and is roughly 64 square miles in area. I decided to report on the city because it is ... serves as Italy's chief center of finance, manufacturing, and international trade. It's location in northern Italy near a pass in the Alps that connects it to southern France, Germany and Switzerland ... n expect about 2 ½ million to be more accurate. But for a city so large it has, like most of northern Italy, seen a negative growth rate in past years with a minor increase projected in the fut ...

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Matthew Sams QUESTIONS 1. In a republic, each citizen is

smoking, drying, cheese-making, honey, and salting as ways to preserve food.6E 9. The Etruscans of northern Italy originally held public games, (ludi), which featured games like gladiator battles and ...

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The Fall of Rome

become the most powerful military leader in the western provinces. When he was denied territory in northern Italy, he and his army sacked Rome for three days. This was the greatest blow to western Ro ... s had invaded and conquered the entire western half of the empire. The Rome that had stretched from northern Africa to Britain, and across the entire Mediterranean Sea into Mesopotamia, had diminished ...

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