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oring tools. Additionaly, people still prefer to type the HTML code manually by the use of Window's Notepad or Macintosh's SimpleText. Throughout this paper I will be talking about the standards of HT ...

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As I sit in front of the computer, with the television on, music blasting and a notepad scribbling ideas about how I should start my assignment on "beginnings", and that's when I r ... nglish assignment by sitting in front of the computer, with the television on, music blasting and a notepad...

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Tools to make a website

In order to make the simplest of websites, all one needs is the free program Notepad, and an understanding of HTML. But what if you want to take your website to the highest leve ... FrontPage, Macromedia Dreamweaver, and Cascading Style Sheet.Textpad is a 'powerful replacement for Notepad', and is more convenient than Notepad, requiring less learning to use, rather than having to ...

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Lesson Before Ding

or one last time and the children from his school also come along with him. Grant gives Jefferson a notepad before Jefferson's execution so that he may write down his thoughts. The book ends off with ...

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Character Setup: Anaya James - 9 Michelle Tyler - Anaya's

us bring y'all some food and blankets?" I don't want shit from y'all." Gooch snatched up a pen and notepad. "It's gotta be something you want because you don't just do this type of shit for fun you k ...

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How Information Technology has Impacted My Daily Life

. I can print, download, or send these pictures to friends and family. My cell phone also acts as a notepad and calculator. For example, if I am driving and think of something I need to write down, I ...

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HTML vs WYSIWYG Comparison/Contrast Essay Needed to be 700-900 words with appropriate citations.

ig) or "What you see is what you get." When hand-coding, any text editor will suffice, for example, Notepad. The main differences between the two are each programs ease of use, the time each will take ... d-coding is limited to the cost of any basic text editor or word processing program. Most PC's have Notepad installed with the default software installed on it. Notepad is free and is the perfect plat ...

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