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The Cover-up, is a short story about a computer hacker that gets assasinated by an agent from the government.

e screen went black. What the heck? The tired and irritated hacker slapped the side of the monitor. Nothing happened. Disgusted and exhausted, Simon stood up from his chair and made his way to his bed ... n pressed the ESC key. The lines of characters kept appearing. He pressed it again and again. Still nothing. Just when he was about to press the power button of his computer, the characters stopped. T ...

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Maffia Hit Man Richard Kuklinski.

ped burger to Deppner, who knew that his was okay. After Smith had eaten two bites of the hamburger nothing happened, and Kuklinski grew nervous. Then Smith started to choke, but Kuklinski decided he ...

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Its an essay about the NANA´s from Artist Niki de St. Phalle, which are placed in Hannover, Germany.

enties the city had to suffer under the prejudice of beeing an unattractive stain in the landscape. Nothing happened in and around Hanover and boredom has been a favourite attribute to describe the ci ... dored and loved Niki de St. Phalles´ work is today, we should not argue about "much ado about nothing". We should consider that the figures themselves did not force any controversy, its has been ...

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Does the Period from 1815 to March 1848 in Germany Deserve to be Referred to as 'The Time When Nothing Happened'?

The period of 1815 to 1848 was termed 'the time when nothing happened', or the 'Vormärz period' as it started with the Congress of Vienna in 1815, a ... th instructions, and this was supervised by the Austrian representative. It was clear early on that nothing would be achieved by the Diet; no measure could be passed unless every government agreed to ... the Prussian Customs Union. This replaced internal customs duties with a tariff that was low, with nothing on raw materials, and an average of 10 per cent on manufactured goods, and 20 on luxury good ...

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The Original Boss--William Tweed

al BossDuring the "Golden Years" of America, in the middle of the 19th century, it seemed as though nothing happened in New York City unless the Boss wanted it to happen. William Marcy "Boss" Tweed, a ...

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The Biography of Ted Williams: The Greatist Hitter Ever in the History of Baseball.

as he always had, and jogged into the dugout for the last time. The fans yelled "We want Ted!", but nothing happened. John Updike put it best "God's don't answer letters". Ted's dynasty was gone forev ...

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Reverse Racism: A modern problem in Toronto

on October 30 of the same year. It appeared about 150 days after the incident, on a back page, and nothing happened. The media didn't care, nobody was punished. Nothing. It's almost as if the anti-ra ...

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Strength Training

gs didn't go quite as well as I had planned. I had been working very hard for a couple of weeks and nothing happened. I had expected to be seeing results by then. Well, I wasn't. I saw no strength gai ...

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Creation Of A Bond Between Two Unique Brothers

ecome part of his life. The narrator tells his mother "Don't you worry, I won't forget. I won't let nothing happened to Sonny" (line 142). Yet in his attempt to keep his promise made to his moth ...

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Okonkwo Freewill Lead To Misfortune

es many examples of the Igbo clan's beliefs. According to the text, the Igbo believed in fate; that nothing happened by chance, but were results of Chukwu or God's will. In this story, what lead to Ok ... such thing of fate. All that has happened in the life of Okonkwo are results of his own free-will. Nothing happens by chance and anything thought to be "˜wyrd' always has a logical explanation. ...

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Great Gatsby

she herself committed adultery with Jay Gatsby. When Jay died Daisy moved away and pretended as if nothing happened as to be self-serving and stay with her rich husband, Tom. Daisy also hit Myrtle an ...

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