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Arctic sovereignty

c at great depths. Known as 'thermohaline circulation', this is an important feature of the world's oceans and carries heat from the tropics to the poles. (Creery, Ian, Pp30)The Arctic is under intimi ... Pp30)The Arctic is under intimidation from a number of pressures. In addition to climate change and ocean acidification, over fishing, noise and toxic pollution, oil and gas exploration and production ...

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Marine Biology - Coral bleaching

21CespedesJacqueline CespedesProfessor BowerMarine Bio 1626 November 2013Ocean Acidification - Possible effects on Coral Reefs:Carbon Dioxide, a naturally occurring gas in o ... fication of marine skeletons. So why have rising levels of CO2 become potentially dangerous for our oceans and the ecosystems is sustains? I suppose in short you could say an excess of anything isn't ... ily) 1, there wasn't an understanding on the kind of environmental impact that it could have on our oceans acidity levels, and in turn how that would affect marine life. Since the industrial revolutio ...

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