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Lenin's Problems after the October Revolution, how did he deal with them?

4) What were the problems facing Lenin after the October Revolution and how successfully did he deal with them?The initial difficulties faced by the ... famine and a change in political and social ideology were the problems confronting Lenin after the October Revolution. Lenin did succeed in ending both the war with Germany and the Civil War for Russ ... and in "saving the socialist republic" . One of the largest problems that Russia faced prior to the October Revolution was finally ended, though its effects were still to be felt.Almost immediately af ...

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Russian Revolution

calendar then in use in Russia. The second revolution, which opened with the armed insurrection of October 24 and 25, Organized by the Bolshevik party against the provisional government, effected a c ... in one giant leap, but in little steps that were led by Joseph Stalin.During the period before the October Revolution, Stalin was not, as he later claimed, Lenin's right-hand man. He played an import ...

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"Bolshevik Revolution. A summary of who was involved and what it was about"

war. They kept Russia in the war and just made things worse for themselves and for Russia.In early October, Lenin convinced the Bolshevik Party to form an immediate insurrection against the Provision ... the soviets!"Kerensky was the leader of the provisional government from July until its overthrow in October of 1917. Lenin was the leader of the Bolshevik Party; he organized the overthrow of the prov ...

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What reasons can you give to explain how Stalin was able to seize power in the USSR by 1928

spelled Dzugashvili or Djugashvili); he adopted the name Stalin (man of steel) about 1913.After the October Revolution of 1917, Stalin, already a member of the central committee since 1912 entered the ... place on the Politburo In 1926 and was removed from the Central Committee of the Communist party in October 1927.Trotsky made no real attempt to become a leader. He said that he did not want to take p ...

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Lenin's achievements

Source A: Lenin was a great leader yet the most humble of men. For his achievements in the October revolution, in defending the foreign invaders and destroying the whites, in bringing peace a ... and incorrect fact put together. In my opinion a great leader can't be humble at the same time. The October revolution was won most probably because of Trotsky's small military force. And to destroy t ...

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The theme of the novel "Russlander" (By Sandra Birdsell)

The October revolution of 1917 in Russia was a turning point that defined Russia as a nation. It was one ...

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Account for the rise to power of Josef Stalin to ruler of the USSR by 1929.

ttee of the Bolshevik Party. However, during the Bolshevik's bid for power in Petrograd on the 25th October during the October Revolution in 1917 he was conspicuous solely by his absence. He did not a ... "cult of Lenin". Lenin was already a popular and much-loved man in the USSR for his efforts in the October Revolution of 1917 and in running the first Communist country. Stalin however took Lenin's s ...

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d mainly by the Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin, and it was also put into practice by him after the October Revolution. The term "Leninism" itself did not exist during most of Lenin's life. It came in ...

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The End of the Romanov Dynasty

?The February Revolution of 1917 was the beginning of the Russian Revolution that lasted through to October. Although the causes were numerous, ranging from political to economic, it was the consequen ... he abdication of Tsar Nicholas II and was the first stage in the Russian Revolution, leading to the October Revolution where Lenin takes complete control of the country.The first and underlying cause ...

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Why were the Bolsheviks successful in October 1917?

IntroductionThe October Revolution was led by the Bolsheviks under the leadership of Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky ... were other factors and conditions also at play?The Bolsheviks were successful in the Revolution of October 1917 due to a number of actions, factors and conditions that co-existed at that time. This p ... The Provisional Government set up 'death squads' to execute deserters. This made things worse - by October 1917, soldiers were deserting, going home, killing the landlords, and taking land.While larg ...

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Was the success of the Bolshevik Revolution because of their power and skills or the weakness of the Provisional Government?

The success of the October Revolution in 1917 by the Bolsheviks was due to the combination of many different reasons. I ... e Bolsheviks' power or the weakness of the Provisional Government. But without either of these, the October Revolution would not take place at all. The following paragraphs are going to analyze the im ... an advantage over the Provisional Government in terms of supports, which helped the success in the October RevolutionSocially, the failure of the Provisional Government in having the Constituent Asse ...

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Was the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 caused by the weakness of the provisional government or the strength of the Bolsheviks?

The October revolution of 1917, led by the Bolshevik Soviets was the first communist revolution that suc ... lution, but also the integration of the government into the average working class helped agitate an October revolution. As stated before, unlike the Bolsheviks the provisional government was led by 12 ... conditions needed for a revolution regardless of what they had learnt previously under the czar.The October revolution was simply caused by the incompetence of the provisional government as a whole. M ...

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Was the success of the Bolshevik Revolution because of their power and skills or the weakness of the Provisional Government?

The October Revolution was the second part of the Russian Revolution and the result was a communist stat ... xiled to Siberia. He returned in April of 1917 but fled following "July Days". He returned again in October, right before the revolution started. In September of 1917, Lenin was positive that now was ... y demanded that you were completely obedient and listened to the orders give to them by leaders.The October Revolution was successful because it was well organized, supported by the people and happed ...

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Evaluate the role of Leon Trotsky in Bolshevik success in the period 1917-1924.

d to his eventual downfall.Leon Trotsky had a leading role in the Bolshevik seizure of power in the October Revolution of 1917. Leon Trotsky was a brilliant orator, thinker and organising genius. His ... rds to building support he, as stated by L. Hartley , 'inspired many people...especially after 23rd October when he knew the revolution would take place'. His oratorical skills were very apparent on t ...

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Outline the main features of Trotsky's public life period 1917 to 1940

during the first 10 years. Through his brilliant organisational skills, very clearly evident in the October Revolution, he became the People's Commissar for Foreign Affairs. Trotsky led the Bolshevik ... ign Affairs. Trotsky led the Bolshevik military revolutionary committee during the Bolshevik cop of October 1917. Trotsky was responsible for the victories of the Red Army during the Civil War, and af ...

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The Cold War

The Cold War In November 17, 1917 the during the October revolution Lenin assumed control of Russia and instated his new form of government. This new ... War as History". Harper Tourch Books NY, NY. 1975 Class Document 1: Clemenceau to Pichon, 23 October 1918.

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Why were there two revolutions in Russia in 1917?

Introduction:In 1917, there were two revolutions in Russia : the February revolution, and the October revolution. The February revolution overthrew the monarchy. It was spontaneous and involved ... ants and soldiers throughout the country. Those uprisings were often led by Soviets (councils.) The October revolution, which was also known as the 'Bolshevik Revolution' was carefully planned. It cre ...

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The Russian Revolution

Two revolutions, the March Revolution, and the October Revolution, broke out in Russia during 1917 because of the people's lack of faith in their g ... as II was overthrown and the Provisional Government took the place of the Czar. However, during the October Revolution, the Provisional Government was overthrown by the Bolshevik power. The Bolsheviks ...

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Justifying the Russian Revolution

sar’s dynasty in the February Revolution and stepped up of Lenin’s communist party in the October Revolution. The two keys persons who played important roles in these events were: the last T ... nt and gained sovereignty of Russia. A new communist government led by Lenin was established in the October Revolution.It is justified that the people have the right to protect themselves and build up ...

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Causes of the 1917 Russian Revolution

m which was the February revolution, forming a provisional government, the return of Lenin, and the October revolution.The first stage of the Russian revolution was the fall of Tsarism which was influ ... umstance that they id not appose the aims of the soviets. In April Vladimir Lenin and initiated the October revolution as he immediately launched his anti-war on government and demanded the provisiona ...

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