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Discussion and comparison of 2 works of Art from the MET. "Merry Company on a Terrace" by Jan Steen vs. "Modern Rome" by Giovanni Paolo Panini.

t category.Merry Company on a Terrace by Jan Steen was created in circa 1673-75. It is fairly large oil on canvas painting. The name gives us briefly description of what is basically going on in the p ... rt that grabs that ought to have some attention is Modern Rome by Giovanni Paolo Panini. It is also oil on canvas painting, and it was created in 1757. The subject matter that Giovanni Paolo Panini ch ...

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Stylistic analysis of Alfred Leslie's famous painting: the thirteen americans

e painting and its individual components is definitely very effective.The painting looks like it is oil on canvas. The technique used is linear and not painterly as is reminiscent from the fact that a ...

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Critical analysis of "The Reader" by Fragonard

The Reader, commonly referred to as A Young Girl Reading is an oil painting by Jean-Honoré Fragonard. Completed in 1776, this "Fragonard favorite" is curren ...

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Pablo Picasso

n average painter (Duane 10). Pablo was encouraged at a very early age to paint and draw, his first oil painting was at the age of nine, entitled Picador. By 1895, at the age of fourteen, Picasso's fa ... hat painting in blue and monochrome tones, conveyed his feelings of anxiety and sadness. La Vie, an oil which was painted in 1903 is considered one of Picasso's more enigmatic works of the Blue Period ...

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"The sculptor and the king" write a essay on native american art.

rtain cultures can relate to. In this work of art, Brush's usage of lines, hue, and space gives the oil painting a more dramatic feeling. The image is of a young Native-American man and his king; they ...

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Sight by Jan Brueghel and Peter Paul Rubens

In this essay, I will explore the famous work, Sight, an extraordinary oil painting created by Jan Brueghel and Peter Paul Rubens in 1618. Considered among the mostcomplex ...

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Monet's Use of Color

Sanchez Art History - J. Russell 04-21-00 Claude MonetGrand Canal, Venice, 1908 Museum of Fine Arts Oil on canvas Bequest of Alexander Cochrane, 1919 19.171 Word Count: 1431

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er Alesso Baldovinetti. Unlike most other Renaissance painters, Ghirlandaio did not experiment with oil painting, but preferred to work in large-scale fresco. The churches of Cercina and Ognissanti It ...

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Art History Approach: "Portrait of Patience Escalier" by Vincent Van Gogh.

This oil painting is "Portrait of Patience Escalier" by Vincent Van Gogh. It was produced in August 1888 ... nt Van Gogh, it is drawn after an old peasant man. The painting is 27 3/4 x 22 7/8 inches and is an oil painting. In the foreground of the painting, there is an old tan wrinkled man with his hands fol ...

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"Strictly Ballroom" directed by Baz Luhrman

a deeper realization of the impact image has on society can be gathered from deconstruction of the oil painting of Mohammad Ali obtained from google images by LeRoy Neiman.We are given insight to the ...

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Interior Of The Pantheon

he Pantheon¡¦ is an example of an artwork that contains a message about an issue. This oil painting by Giovanni Panini, is oil on canvas that stands 4ft. 2.5 inches x 3ft. 3 inches. This ...

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Oil On Canvus

The subject in this painting is two boats sitting in the water during a winter evening. This is an Oil on Canvas work of art. The artist painted this looking straight ahead on ground level. The color ...

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Paul Cezanne, Pines And Rocks

Paul Cezanne, Pines and Rocks, 1896-99 Oil on Canvas Museum of Modern Art This simple painting of a small, intimate landscape is a ...

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The Lamentation by Petrus Christus

hristus is currently located at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. The medium used is oil painting on wood, and it is from the Netherlands; made ca. 1450. Christus uses simplicity and cl ...

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The American School by Matthew Pratt

533; Scheiner Christopher Scheiner2C-1American Studies"The American School" by Matthew Pratt, is an oil-on-canvas portrait made in 1765 which illustrates a conventional day in the studio of Benjamin W ...

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Lawren Harris

Lawren Harris: North Shore, Lake Superior�Lawren HarrisNorth Shore, Lake Superior (1926)Oil on canvas 102.2 x 128.3 cm Purchased 1930 National Gallery of Canada (no. 3708)Lawren Stewart Ha ... ght say that he re-imagined theosophy through Canadian art.�North Shore, Lake Superior is an oil painting on a 102.2 cm x 128.3 cm canvas. Harris used calm soothing cool colors, such as light b ...

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Name of the Artwork: Passion

fell in love with many of his paintings, but this one captured my heart right away. This beautiful oil painting represents realism, time and motion, amazing colors and texture.The oil painting repres ... me and motion, amazing colors and texture.The oil painting represents beautiful colors and texture. Oil painting is more medium than tempera. It is easily blended on the painting surface to show degre ...

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