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Old salem North Carolina, The original town for Movarians in North Carolina, A personal experience/visit to the same

As we walked down the shady streets of Old Salem, we were able to experience that feeling of going back in time. Old Salem has been preserv ... s built to teach and provide an outlet for the crafts, skills, and manufacture of saleable products.Old Salem is an authentic restoration, which begun in 1950, by the Moravian community that was start ... founded in 1766. The town grew and prospered till the mid 1800's, at which time, the town of Salem sold land to the county seat of Winston. In 1913, these two towns merged to become Winston-Salem.The ...

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WitchCraft and Wicca

y your mother, then all the girls in the family would be killed also.Others people were held in the Old Salem Witch Jail while another witch was being punished, it was a filthy rat infested dungeon lo ... not all caldrons and chants. For a spell to work at least 4 Wicca must be present and they must be holding hands in a circle so as not to break the spell. Herbs are burnt, ash is thrown of fire and ca ...

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in this experiment that by comparing population survivorship from the 19th and 21st century of the Old Salem area, we will find a significant increase in mortality during the 19th century compared to ... by the lab handout "Human Demography Study Ecology Lab" (Stavn, 2013). Data was collected from the Old Salem, Winston Salem area for time periods prior to 1890. The number of mortalities in 19th cent ...

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