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God's Three Attributes and Morality in Aquinas and Divine Command Theory

itional monotheistic conception of God, i.e. the perfect entity with the attributes of omnipotence, omniscience and omni-benevolence. In this paper, I will first summarize the Divine Command Theory, a ... be if God is to be genuinely omni-benevolent, he must have perfect intellect, which stems from his omniscience. At that point of the dispute, it will be evident that there is a clash of fundamental b ...

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A Comparison of Wasted Lives

ll life by what they are finding in her drawers. On the other hand, "Eleanor Rigby" is told from an omniscience point of view. Eleanor is a woman who works in a church and is cleaning up the rice from ... be because she had a fear of taking that chance. On the other hand, "Eleanor Rigby" is told from an omniscience point of view. There are a few bold statements used to describe the depth of loneliness. ...

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The Grandmother's Christianity

he plot from a fundamentalist Christian stance.The point of view straddles the line between limited omniscience and total omniscience. O'Connor lets us know whose story this is in the first two lines, ... as the grandmother's thoughts, but it reads more like a total omniscient narrator. If it is limited omniscience we would get some clue that it is her thoughts and not a narrative explanation. The para ...

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The will

that they do. We cannot escape it, nor can we discover the secret to deciphering it. Man lacks the omniscience. As a mortal, finite creature, humans find it impossible to access the infinite in a com ...

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The Problem of Evil and Suffering.

in the world is a problem for those Christians who want to retain God's attributes of omnipotence, omniscience and benevolence and that God created the world 'out-of-nothing' (ex nihilo).* David Hume ...

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The Problems of Good & Evil

here is evil in this world. Theists believe that God is perfect, and has three traits: omnipotence, omniscience, and omni benevolence. An omnipotent God is one who is "all powerful". People often infe ... in or love God, they will not truly love him, but just do so because they have to.The second trait, omniscience, means "all knowing". An omniscient God knows the past, present, and future. The argumen ...

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Jain Epistemology

es sense perception, valid testimony, extra-sensory perception, telepathy, and kevala, the state of omniscience of a perfected soul. Inference, which most other Indian epistemologies include, is inter ...

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Do we really have free will? A study of Predestination.

and future, God has a plan for the world, and the world is free to do as they choose, despite God's omniscience. People are in fact free to make their own choices. God's foreknowledge does not remove ...

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Discuss The Narrative Perspective In El Aleph

me and space, accessing un-verbalised thoughts of many characters. The extent of the third-person's omniscience are further complicated through focalisation and point-of-view. Whilst a first-person's ...

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as timeless and immutable. Then again shouldn't God know what pain or love feels like since God is omniscience.The two major views of God are being timeless or not being timeless. Still the view of G ...

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The Problem Of Evil

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Literary Elements in "Godfather Death"

"Godfather Death".In "Godfather Death" the point of view is third person, nonparticipant, and total omniscience. Throughout the story the pronouns I, me, we, and us are never used unless it is a quota ... and the stub toppled over and went out"(32). The thoughts of the father are the first way to prove omniscience when the narrator implies what the father is thinking when the narrator declares, "The m ...

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Arctic Essay

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