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The ocean covers Seventy-one percent of our planets surface. Life isconcentrated, however, in about four percent of it, and i ... t four percent of it, and it is this four percent that isbeing polluted by the tons every day. Everyone needs to understand that the oceansare not endless, and not bottomless. They also much see that ... this depth ratherhandily. Although the size of the ocean is often pondered, the thought that it mayone day be gone, is never even considered.The vast majority of all life in the ocean, inhabits only ...

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In 1890, less then one half of one percent of women wereemployed gainfully outside of the home. Over the next hundredye ... ot been easy by any means. Women have overcomemany obstacles in there journey into the work force, none graterthen the views of their male piers. Many males thought andcontinue to think that there is ... e. Women made there strides into the work force by not onlyfollowing examples of their courageous pioneers, but also bybanding together to show their strength.During the mid 1800's a small number of w ...

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Murray, B. (1997, September). School phobias hold many children back. APA Monitor.

gists as school refusal, effects between 5 and 10 percent of school children in the United States. One percent of these children will be severely affected by school phobia, leading to excessive schoo ... o skinny or too fat. It is almost impossible to be exempt from such behavior, since each and every one of us has some sort of "flaw."Teaching children at an early age to cope with criticism and tu ...

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Sexual Harrassment

sband or a malerelative agreed to share the responsibility. Similarly, a 1965 study found thatfifty one percent of men though women were "temperamentally unfit formanagement." There can be no doubt th ... ess all of these concerns in thispaper, and look at some well-known court cases as illustrations.Anyone who thinks sex discrimination is a thing of the past only has toask Muriel Kraszewski or Ann Hop ...

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Legalization of Marijuana (Anti)

marijuana claim that hemp can be a very resourceful plant. Hemp is considered to contain less than one percent tetrahydrocannabinols (THC) (Pluff 1). THC is the psychoactive chemical found in marijua ... alk about is hemp paper. This paper is much softer than conventional paper, and it is stated that, 'one acre of hemp can replace four acres of forest' (Pluff 2). This paper also does not yellow or cru ...

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Drug Abuse In Schools. Parents think the safest place for their school age children is in school, but they could be surprised at the statistics of drug and alcohol abuse.

urvey by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse reported an alarming statistic: sixty-one percent of U.S. high school students and forty percent of middle school students say drugs are u ... ion needs to be reinforced both at home and at school. The center believes parental involvement and one-on-one programs are most effective in deterring drug use.The Youth Service of West Philadelphia ...

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Water Transitions

there is freshwater. Out of all the water on the planet, only threepercent of it is fresh, and only one fiftieth of one percent is readily available.Freshwater is not pure in that it contains minerals ... articles. There arenumerous plants and animals that depend on freshwater for their lives. Humans areone of them. Seventy percent of the human body is made up of freshwater (744Headlam).Next, there is ...

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Eating Disorders

threatening eatingdisorders. The vast majority are adolescents and young adult women. Approximately one percent of adolescentsgirls develop anorexia nervosa, a dangerous condition in which they can li ... rwomen , but much less frequently. The consequences of eating disorders can be severe. For example, one in tenanorexia nervosa leads to death from starvation, cardiac arrest, or suicide. Fortunately, ...

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Cynisism in American Politics

make this argument very valid. In 1995, the Princeton Survey Research Associates conducted a telephone interview of 1514 random sample adults. In this interview, people were asked how much of the tim ... ere asked how much of the time they trusted in the federal government to do the right thing. Twenty-one percent said most of the time and seventy-one percent said only some of the time. When asked the ...

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Schizophrenia: Explained and Treatments

d loss of contact with reality (Sinclair). It is the most common psychosis and it is estimated that one percent of the U.S. population will be diagnosed with it over the course of their lives (Torrey ... or commenting upon the patient's thoughts and actions (Arieti). Persons may also hear music or see nonexistent images (Sinclair).Schizophrenic thought disorder is the diminished ability to think clear ...

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Electronic Monitoring Vs. Health Concerns

twenty million Americans are subjected to monitoring in their work place, commonly in the form of phone monitoring, E-mail searches, and searching through the files on their hard drive (Paranoid 435). ... ng through the files on their hard drive (Paranoid 435). A poll by MacWorld states that over twenty-one percent of all employees are monitored at work, and the larger the company, the higher the perce ...

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Sexual harassment. Speaks of the cases of Muriel Kraszewski and Ann Hopkings

and or a male relative agreed to share the responsibility. Similarly, a 1965 study found that fifty one percent of men though women were 'temperamentally unfit for management.' There can be no doubt t ... ss all of these concerns in this paper, and look at some well-known court cases as illustrations.Anyone who thinks sex discrimination is a thing of the past only has to ask Muriel Kraszewski or Ann Ho ...

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oes as the only vector. Every year, 300,000,000 people are affected by malaria, and while less than one percent of these people die, there are still an estimated 1,500,000 deaths per year. While Malar ... exception of Plasmodia Malariae which may affect other primates, all parasites of malaria have only one host, Homo sapiens. Because some mosquitoes contain substances toxic to Plasmodium in their cell ...

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Should Quebec Have its Freedom?

lthough in this recent poll, these scores weretoo close to call. The separatists were defeated by a one percent loss.The reason this past election was so close is due mainly to the changeof leadership ... o Dumont, leader of a smallnationalist party, to couple a declaration of sovereignty with an offer tonegotiate with residual Canada a form of political and economic partnership,similarly modeled on th ...

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The essay is about the mental diorder, schizophrenia. Including who first discovered the illness, theories on what causes it, symptoms, treatment, and history of schizophrenia.

y a separation between the thought processes and the emotions (Torrey). Schizophrenia affects about one percent of the adult population and signs of it usually emerge in the late teens to the middle t ... oduced by the French psychiatrist Morel. Emil's thoughts were later disputed by many psychiatrists. One of these was Eugene Blueler, an eminent Swiss psychiatrist, who, in 1911 found that the onset of ...

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Enhanced greenhouse effect on global warming.

space in the form of infrared radiation. This process is referred to as the greenhouse effect.About one percent of the earth's atmosphere is composed of greenhouse gases. Together these gases reflect ... rally occurring greenhouse gases include water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone. Certain human activities, however, add to the levels of most of these naturally occurring gases ...

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This paper is about anorexia in teenage girls discusses the problems

and in particular affects girls and women most often during their teenage and early adult years. In one recent study, it was found that up to one percent of all adolescent and college age female stude ... acting on a social basis with other people; they also suffer from a disease that they often fight alone, a disease that also acts as the gateway for another deadly eating disorder which often develops ...

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"Appendices for Thomas Edison". These are appendices for a Thomas Edison term paper.

Appendix AFamous QuoteOne of Thomas Edison's most famous quotes was, "Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine pe ... d buyers for his machines. His locomotive was a small open vehicle and the engineer sat just behind one of the wheels with his feet nearly touching it. A battery close to his knee provided the power f ... to be a success on its test run, so in later runs Edison took over the controls himself. There was one occasion where he hit a curve too fast that he caused the train to jump off the tracks. Edison c ...

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Explain the importance of siege warfare in the High Middle Ages. What was the role of the garrison and castellan?

ost defunct open battle completely. In fact, ninety-nine percent of all warfare was sieges, and the one percent of battles normally developed from a siege (Bradbury 71).Because castles tended to appea ... lis from Bradbury 77, footnote 27).As in chess, the opening move representing a challenge to the opponent, so too was the meaning behind the siege--and thus, the game of challenge and withdrawal began ...

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History, causes, and symptoms of Schizophreina

Schizophrenia is a common mental disorder striking one percent or one in one hundred people worldwide. It knows no boundaries affecting people of all r ... ase is very complex and controversial, which explains the difficulty to produce a solid definition. One common misbelieve is that people with schizophrenia have multiple personalities. Yet, a separate ... people believe that schizophrenia is a group of similar disorders, while others believe that it is one disorder with many different symptoms and types.(Sarason)The disturbance of schizophrenia involv ...

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