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Originality of Philosophy

icles in this issue are "Bakunin: Anarchist orAntichrist?", "Practical Solipsism", "Introduction to Ontology", "Orwell andPhilosophy", some other brief articles, an Internet page, and even someclassif ... about our society and what I thought should bechanged. Another Article that I went over was called "Ontology forBeginners" and it was discussing the branch of metaphysics which examinesthe nature and ...

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Comparison of the Three Major Sociological Theories

odological basisor the theory's method for gathering data and obtaining knowledge.A. POSITIVISTIC1. Ontology.The positivistic theory is based on an ontology of being a realist. The realisticslant of p ... st empirical data gathered in the experimentunder carefully controlled conditions.B. INTERPRETIVE1. Ontology.The interpretivist ontology is relativism. The belief, unlike the positivist, is thatknowle ...

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Sociological theories.

dological basis or the theory's method forgathering data and obtaining knowledge. A. POSITIVISTIC 1.Ontology. The positivistic theory is based on an ontology of beinga realist. The realistic slant of ... empirical data gathered in the experiment under carefullycontrolled conditions. B. INTERPRETIVE 1. Ontology. Theinterpretivist ontology is relativism. The belief, unlike the positivist,is that knowle ...

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Analyzing non- fiction films.

he expectation of being provided with a detached, objective, accurate depiction of reality. In "The Ontology of the Photographic Image" , Andre Bazin outlines how "photography and the cinema...are dis ... t satisfy, once and for all and in its very essence, our obsession with realism" (Andre Bazin, "The Ontology of the Photographic Image", from What is Cinema?, 12). Arguing that these technologies fulf ...

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Compare and contrast Parmenides' and Plato's different views of reality. Which theory do you find the most convincing?

Parmenides and Plato were both concerned with ontology (from the Greek 'onta' or being) and questioned the nature of the "real". They both conclud ...

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Why does Berkeley consider himself the defender of common sense? Do you agree with this self-assessment?

Because Berkeley's ideas are so unconventional, it is surprising that he claims that his ontology is actually a validation of common sense. The common sense view that Berkeley believes hims ... are nothing more than ideas (counter to common sense claims one and three).According to Berkeley's ontology, there are only two types of things existing in the world: ideas and the spirits which have ... t, or whether one has certain knowledge about the real existence of things. Both the commonsensical ontology and Berkeley's ontology would render the so-called commonsensical propositions enumerated b ...

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The Ontological Argument

Outline and discuss the various forms of the Ontological Argument The Ontological Argument. Ontology is the branch of metaphysics dealing with the nature of being. "˜Onto' means "˜ ... s to show that there must be a God by considering the created universe. Many might feel that in his ontology he is reasoning in a way that many non-Christian philosophers would be open to. He makes a ...

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Descartes: Ontology or Cosmology?

Descartes: Ontology or Cosmology?Descartes' argument for the existence of God, which he proposed in the Third M ... mething that is the most perfect—or in this case—God. The root of the word ontological is ontology, which is defined as “theory of being; the branch of philosophy pursuing such question ...

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Contents21. Introduction �32. Why develop an ontology? �43. Elements of Ontologies �54. Design Criteria in Ontologies �65. A ... ologies in computer science are computer based resources that represent agreed domain semantics. An Ontology consists of relatively generic knowledge that can be reused by different kinds of applicati ... nsists of relatively generic knowledge that can be reused by different kinds of applications/tasks. Ontology comprises a set of concepts and concept relationships representative to the domain. Concept ...

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Critical Response Of Heidegger's The Age Of World Pictures

to "adduce the facts that either verify and confirm the law or deny it confirmation"�. This ontology is encapsulated in the term subiectum� described as "that-which-lies-before" in whic ...

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