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"Censorship and Book Banning Cannot Be Justified"

e well educated. Free press and free speech are critical to civic understanding. Citizens must have open access to all ideas so that they may come to a deep understanding of critical issues. In order ... issue. Therefore, for a society to be considered democratic, it must be a free marketplace for the open exchange of ideas (Edwards 14-15).In John Stuart Mill's classic work, On Liberty, he argues, as ...

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The Emergence of an Information Society

e of the information society, especially in the last 50 years, brought the promise of an unlimited, open access to an infinite array of information that would improve the way we live, learn work and g ... omoting and fulfilling the public interest, and would constitute a public sphere of free speech and open intellectual discourse that enhances democracy.The term "information society" has been growingl ...

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Business in China

urial movement. The Journal is subscription only, but luckily I found a reprint of the article with open access on the Bain & Company website. The first McDonald's franchisee in China, Meng Sun (a ...

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"The term 'open society' has come into use in recent times. Are public libraries essential components of open societies? Why, or why not?"

A public library which provides free and open access to information and differing points of view, is an essential component of an open societ ... to information and differing points of view, is an essential component of an open society. To be an open society people need to feel safe expressing different viewpoints. A public library should be a ... public library should be a place where someone regardless of race, age, wealth or beliefs can have open access to information and feel safe doing so. The main role of a public library in an open soci ...

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Visitation: Lebanon County Library System

y residents. The System is committed to providing the best possible information service by offering open access to materials, services and programs in support of literacy and reading. The United Way s ...

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ore restrictions. " The real issues is not the internet, but what the internet represents: free and open access to ideas, images, and other forms of expression without the traditional political, relig ...

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Fishinh Industry In Canada

Open Access and Overcapacity: Presently there are many structural problems in the Pacific fishing in ... at least four interrelated forces contribute to the overcapitalization of the fishing industry: (1) Open access motivates fishermen to invest excessively in capital and labor to compete in the "rush f ...

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The Net Neutrality Issue

rality is a concept that explains that the Internet Service Providers (ISP) should provide free and open transmission of data over broadband networks. They should not discriminate their customer’s ac ... works, this ignited interest in net neutrality because the decision was a significant blow to prior open‐access practices. This decision was upheld in the Supreme Courts Brand X decision of June 200 ...

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