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Review on the whole of the Agricultural Revolution

e their land because they could see it as a profitable business; farmers could afford to modernise, open-field farmers did not keep many animals as they were expensive to feed, manure could be difficu ...

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The Social Consequences of the Changes in 18th Century Rural England have Caused Controversy Amongst Contemporaries and Historians. Why have the Changes Caused such Controversy?

fit progression. However, the farming improvements were pretty much inoperable within an open field system so this, together with the food demand of an ever-increasing population brought about a relen ... l look at later on. Improved farming techniques include Charles Townsend's four field crop rotation system, this was a new farming system introduced to naturally rejuvenate the soil, consequentially o ...

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The Open-Field System .Three field rotations helped keep fields fertile traditional village rights reinf ... ed the amount of land under cultivation.Grain crops were alternated with nitrogen-storing crops.The open-field system was ended by "enclosing" the fields, particularly in England.The enclosure movemen ...

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