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The Environmental, Social and Ethical Consequences of mining,processing and using Uranium

s the chief source of uranium, is "taken from the earth like any other metal, blasted and dug" from open-pit mining, surface mining and underground mining. Although, the creation of the mines causes g ...

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Ore processes, smelting, byproducts; regarding iron mostly

n be made into lots of different items. Ores we find in Australia include:Mineral oresMetalsType Of Mininghaematite,magnetiteironsurfacebauxitealuminiumsurfacechalcopyritecoppersurface & undergrou ... heavy machinery to take it outExtraction�Much of our iron ore is taken out through open cut mining where the surface of the ground is taken away by heavy digging machinery, normally over a big ...

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ay, however, being in marine areas, pollution in the water is a big concern.Through the use of many mining machines, the waters can be easily polluted. The method of dredging to cut away at the sedime ... at the sediment does not seem like it would be as environmentally friendly as well. Aside from the mining having impact on the actual land, diatomite mining has impacts on birds in surrounding areas. ...

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"Third world mining is primarily for the benefit of the first world."

ion for the Venetia mine began in 1990. It was fully taken advantage of in 1993. This mine performs open-pit mining, exploring the surface of the area and later digging deeper into the earth. The targ ...

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