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Franz Liszt vs. Kurt Cobain

22, 1811. Much like Mozart, he was a very great piano player at a very young age. Liszt composed an opera called Don Sancho at the age of fourteen. Professionals of Liszt's time thought that he was on ...

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Torquato Tasso (1544-1595)

tudine, durante il quale dubitava della propria ortodossia quanto della regolarità della sua opera. Ciò gli fece perdere la pace dello spirito. Credendosi spiato da un servitore - gli la ... ità sul Furioso e i sostenitori dell'Ariosto, spesso denigratori aspri del Tasso e della sua opera. Tutto ciò amareggiò profondamente il poeta, che pensò al rifacimento int ...

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Bel Canto teaching style of vocal pedagogy as is described through Cornelius Reid's book "Bel Canto".

t look at the history of the style to understand better how to utilize this method with students.As opera began to develop at the beginning of the of the seventeenth century, a new outlet was created ... Canto or beautiful singing came into its own.While vocal training did not start during the time of opera with the Bel Canto methods, some of the prominent teachers of voice have described ideals foun ...

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This essay is about the psychohistory which is used to analyse Hitler and his beliefs.

g. Hitler was lazy and less than outstanding in school. Instead, Hitler spent his time going to the opera and the theatre and he took to copying romantic art pieces. Hitler never graduated nor did he ...

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Giuseppe Verdi the opera singer.

Cento trenta sei anni fa, Giuseppe Verdi ha scritto un bel'opera. L'opera ha cinque atti. L'opera si chiama Don Carlo. L'opera e circa Don Carlo amore con il p ... padrona. Carlo libera Flemish da Spagna è preso e porta la colpa per la rivoluzione. Anche l'opera ha un il complotto complicato circa gli affari e l'adultry. Mi piace l'opera Don Carlo perce e ...

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The erudite and popular culture and music.

ts and compositors are considered popular rather than erudite. On the other hand, if we think about opera or classical music, which are considered expressions of erudite culture, we will find a lot of ... information, pieces of art and even music with just one click in the mouse. We could never say that operas like "Carmen" or "La traviatta" or classical music like "The Fifth Symphony" by Beethoven are ...

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"Educating Rita" by Willy Russell.

er education before she stepped foot into Franks room; She had done this by watching the ballet and opera on the television even though those around her were opposed to the idea and that she her fact ...

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La Cultura della Ceramica a Montelupo!

izione sono centinaia di addetti alle lavorazioni artistiche: dove ogni fase di lavoro si basa sull'opera manuale dell'uomo.IndiceAstratto 2Introduction 3Parte Prima : La Storia di MontelupoStoria di ... viene posto nella circoscrizione del vicario di Certaldo (1415).Nella riorganizzazione dello stato operata da Cosimo I, poi, la podesteria si sarebbe ulteriormente allargata sino a comprendere anche ...

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QU/ What are the values of 1870 New York? How are they conveyed to the viewer in Martin Scorses's "The Age Of Innocence"?

acterization and various film techniques.The opening scene in the Age of Innocence is set at the opera. This gives a good indication immediately of what kind of society this film will portray. From ... ues wealth.The fact that basically this entire upper class group of the society has gone to the opera (as they do every year) shows that conformity and ritual are seen as important: to be accepted ...

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Haydn at Esterhaza

sicians and other nobility at their request. Haydn's time at Esterhaza from 1760-1790 produced both operas and chamber music works.From 1776-1790, a regular season of opera occurred at Esterhaza. From ... music works.From 1776-1790, a regular season of opera occurred at Esterhaza. From 1780-1790, 1,038 operas were performed at the estate. Haydn's operas before and during this time were numerous. Two o ...

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Fantasticul in viziune eminesciana - "Sarmanul Dionis"

nci aceasta apartine fantasticului straniu, insa in caz contrar, ca si in nuvela "Sarmanul Dionis", opera apartine fantasticului fabulos sau miraculos deoarece ambiguitatea se pastreaza pana la sfarsi ... intrupare in alta, protagonistul are constiinta trairii unui vis, in care identitatea sa se schimba.Opera se sfarseste prin scena de dragoste dintre Maria, ingerul sau blond, si tanarul Dionis, care r ...

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"Pasa Hassa" de George Cosbuc

Cel care se autodefinea"suflet in sufletul neamului meu"a cantat in opera sa bucuriile si necazurile poporului sau, frumusetea peisajului romanesc, momente din istoria ... 84 in revista, apoi inclusa in volumul"Cantece de vitejie".Poetul a folosit ca sursa de documentare opera lui Balcescu,"Romanii supt Mihai Viteazul", capitolul"Calugarenii" in care autorul surprinde m ... maginii unui episod istoric grandios din istoria nationala: victoria de la Calugareni din anul 1595.Opera epica "Pasa Hassan" prezinta pe scurt, gradat si in versuri un episod din lupta poporului roma ...

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Constantin Stanislavsky and "method acting".

ich he would remain associated with for remainder of life. He also achieved renown as a director of opera. As a director, he stressed ensemble acting as well as complete coordination of all phases of ... odern theatre.Stanislavski coined phrases such as "stage direction", laid the foundations of modern opera and gave instant renown to the works of such talented writers and playwrights as Maksim Gorki ...

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ies. During his teens, he mastered the piano, violin, and harpsichord and performed his first major opera, Mitridate. At fifteen, he was appointed as the concert master in the orchestra of the Archbis ... glish that became very helpful in his travels. He was a brilliant composer of Classical symphonies, opera, chamber music, and sonatas and whose works are ranked among the greatest ever produced.One of ...

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[Viva Voce on Andrea Bocelli]--How is his music linked with both the pop and opera styles?

The focus question I chose for my viva was 'How is Andrea Bocelli's music linked with both pop and opera styles?'Before I go into my analysis, I'll briefly talk about Bocelli himself. He has often be ... exciting voices in his genre of light classical vocals. He has also made inroads into the world of opera.Beginning piano lessons at the age of six, he later added flute and saxophone. Bocelli was bor ...

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History of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

on him. In Paris Wolfgang published his first works, four sonatas and in 1768 he composed his first opera, La Finta Semplice. His opera was presented for the first time a year later in his hometown of ... burg. In 1769 Wolfgang and his father set out on another tour of Italy. Wolfgang wrote a new opera, Mitridate ri de Ponto. He also wrote two more operas for Milan. Three years later, in ...

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Factores del Desarrollo de la Planificación de Hyatt Corp.

por dos grupos de compañías separadas. La Corporación Hyatt Internacional que opera con 61 hoteles y 25 "resort"s en 39 países. En adición tienen 17 hoteles que est ... te en construcción. La otra es la Corporación de hoteles Hyatt y sus subsidiarias que opera alquileres y franquicias en 122 hoteles y ""resorts" en Estados Unidos, Canada y el Caribe.La ...

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Hoffmann's role in The Lyre of Orpheus

velation. Hoffmann has no physical role in the story: "sojourning in limbo because he died with his opera incomplete, he looks down on the scene and comments on the performances of the mortals whose a ... he novel. One of the main plot strands of The Lyre of Orpheus "concerns the production of an opera subsidized by the Cornish Foundation - not so much a production, in fact, as the reconstructio ...

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The portrayal of the tragic love story: through pictorial and operatic representation

ctions often leads to nasty/serious consequences.I am concentrating on the high-baroque art form of opera, and painters of the first 80-100 years of the 17th century. I am will examine the significanc ... ons this has on the psychological atmosphere created in the story. ..or transferred to the music or opera.Baroque musical styleOpera was an extremely popular form of music during the baroque period. I ...

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Amadeus: A Story of Two Characters

his back to his country and gives them the rear-end so to speak. Mozart comes to Italy to write an opera for the emperor and ends up staying longer. Salieri eventually goes mad from Mozart's childish ... cares for him. When he gets to Italy he meets the emperor and all his men he gets asked to write an opera for them. He is very excited to write the opera and gets on it right away. Salieri checks up o ...

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