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Women and Jewish Law

rding to your understanding of the Halakhah?The following is an interpretation of the Torah and the Oral Torah by Rabbi Azaroff to a married woman:The first issue that has to be addressed is, 'Do you ... . It only discusses an accidental abortion (a miscarriage), so because of this, we must rely on the oral Torah for an answer to your question. The issue of the accidental abortion however does bring u ...

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Facts on Judaism

religion.Describe the major beliefs of the Jewish religion (nature of God, approach to ethics and morality rituals, sacred texts, influential figures, etc.). What are the basic characteristics of Jud ... prophets are the truth. Jewish people believe that the Torah, both the written Torah as well as the oral Torah, were given to Moses and no other Torah exists nor will one ever exist. Torah will ever e ...

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Judaism and Islam

ue, and Moses was the greatest of the prophets8. The Written Torah (first 5 books of the Bible) and Oral Torah (teachings now contained in the Talmud and other writings) were given to Moses9. There wi ... ld on to by most Muslims the Islamic society of today reflects the more strict codes of ethics and morals of past generations rather than the more relaxed values of today's generations. In this way Is ...

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1) Describe the core ethical teachings of Judaism?

have a positive effect on the religion. These include the 10 commandments, 613 mitzvot, written and oral Torah, the prophetic vision and the book of proverbs. The most importance source of ethical gui ... ord Torah means to teach and is known as the Jewish written law. Within it includes the Written and Oral Torah. The Torah consists of five books of the Hebrew Bible; Genesis, Leviticus, Exodus, Deuter ...

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