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Biography of Barbara Jordan: Political Activist

n I ever heard. If she had been a man, she would have been a preacher." Barbara inherited her great oratorical skills from her father and mother.Barbara's grandfather, John Ed Patten, introduced her t ... s and public speaking engagements. She was the first place winner at the National Ushers Convention Oratorical Contest in Chicago, Illinois. Barbara received the Girl of the Year Award and became a we ...

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A Comparative Study of Nelson Mandela and Adolf Hitler

for better or worse. Their fight, was not won without a struggle, but was helped by their masterful oratorical skills and the willingness of their followers to do anything for "the cause".Following th ...

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A Testament of Hope - Martin Luther King.

the boycott continued through 1956, King gained national prominence as a result of his exceptional oratorical skills and personal courage. Despite attempts to suppress the movement, Montgomery buses ...

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Clarence Darrow: A True American Rebel The topic was to chose a person from the US who struck you as a true rebel in some way

ely shaped the views and opinion of their son, Clarence. By the early 1870s, Clarence Darrow’s oratorical skills were already quite obvious. The town members described him as "A nonconforming spi ...

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