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Analysis of disneys brother bear in relation to historical accuracy

ulture. The moose in the film have extremely Canadian accents, so perhaps it's Canada. There was an Orca in the ocean, they are well known for being Alaskan animals. So possibly it's Alaska, for sure ...

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The Killer Whale. taxonomy, ecology, evolutionary history, reproduction, distribution, morphological characteristics, behavioral characteristics, and conservation.

r the dolphins, and killer whales are the largest of the group. The genus is Orcinus and species is orca. Killer whales had a reputation for being fierce killing machines which is why the Spanish call ... (10). They were often seen attacking other whales, sharks, and dolphins. However in Latin, the name orca means "the shape of a barrel or cask" which is due to their shape (1). Cetaceans roamed ...

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Killer Whales

coast of the United States not to mention the Resurrection Bay, Kachemak Bay, San Juan Islands, and Orcas Island.In addition killer whales also have been seen in warm water areas such as Hawaii, Austr ... urrents as well as the artic and Antarctic currents. In coldwater areas, the distributions of these Orcas whales are limited by seasonal pack ice.In some areas, the seasonal movements of killer whales ...

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sea world

The true story of sea worlds orcasThe main attraction of sea world is its amazing Orcas or Killer Whales, a name they have well e ... t of the shows wowed the audience not all of them ended so well. On July 30, 2010- the 12,000-pound Orca named Tilikum dragged his Sea World trainer into the pool and drowned her, it was the third tim ... ved at his first home, he was the smaller whale who was attacked nightly by a bigger and aggressive Orca.In addition to this bullying, Tilikums first trainer was a trainer who believed in punishing fo ...

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